The Saturday Paper

Links between acts of violence

- – Tracey Jarvis, Mona Vale, NSW – Antony Ault, Rose Bay, Tas

Martin McKenzie-Murray (“A history of violence”,

June 24-30) raises the interestin­g possibilit­y of a link between domestic violence and jihadism. While this may be complicate­d by a million other factors, what it highlights is the need to take any kind of violence seriously. Man Haron Monis, for example, was charged with multiple sexual assault incidents involving multiple victims, and there was the possibilit­y that he may have engineered the murder of his ex-wife. Yet, he was out on bail. Surely one of the lessons of the Lindt cafe siege is that these charges of violence against women constitute­d strong evidence for his “propensity” to commit violent acts. Sadly, there was a failure to protect, precisely because violence against women is legally and socially minimised.

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