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- – Gail Shaw, Mossman, Qld

How oddly comforting to be reading Mike Carlton again despite sharing his dismal view of the country’s trajectory under this government. His despair over the loss of Fairfax Media is particular­ly significan­t. Many people in the southern states may not realise it but Lord Moloch’s publicatio­ns now suffocate most of Queensland (Fairfax having ceased distributi­on in North Queensland in February). Which brings me to report an incident observed by my husband in our local “paper shop” last week. A customer walked in, picked up five copies of

The Saturday Paper and, while paying for them, said to the girl behind the counter, and anyone within earshot, “Only paper worth buying these days!” Thought I’d like to share that with you to illustrate that despite Dutton, Hanson, Christense­n, Ian Macdonald and Warren Entsch, Queensland still supports intelligen­t life.

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