Trum­pette #93

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By some time on Wed­nes­day (our time) we should know if the Tiny Toad­stool is go­ing to be im­peached. That’s when it is ex­pected the re­sults of the US midterm elec­tions are likely to be known and if the Democrats se­cure a ma­jor­ity in the House of Rep­re­hen­si­bles then the rest of the Trump era will be tan­gled in im­peach­ment shenani­gans.

Ev­ery­thing is up for grabs, from con­gres­sional seats to town rat­catcher, the lol­lipop mon­i­tor at school cross­ings, may­ors and gov­er­nors.

Trump is com­ing up with as many “red meat” ideas as he can muster af­ter the un­timely dis­trac­tions of pipe bombs and sy­n­a­gogue shoot­ings. He says he could send up to 15,000 crack troops to the Mex­i­can bor­der to stop the “in­va­sion of the United States” by a car­a­van of des­per­ate peo­ple flee­ing Cen­tral Amer­ica. At the mo­ment, the in­va­sion of the poor, hud­dled masses yearn­ing to breathe free is more than 1200 kilo­me­tres away.

So much for the “wretched refuse of your teem­ing shore”.

Then he came up with the idea that he could change the US con­sti­tu­tion with his squig­gle sig­na­ture by declar­ing an end to “birthright cit­i­zen­ship”. The Toad­stool is in charge, so never mind the 14th amend­ment, which says all peo­ple born in the US, “and sub­ject to the ju­ris­dic­tion thereof, are cit­i­zens of the United States”.

Was that our very own Jonathan Swan, son of sci­ence broad­caster Nor­man and now with Ax­ios, in­ter­view­ing Trump about the birthright deal, jab­bing his pen and jump­ing out of his skin with the ex­cite­ment of his own ques­tions?

Mean­while, if only there were more peo­ple with guns in­side that Pittsburgh sy­n­a­gogue then ev­ery­thing would have been okay. Right?

Some elec­tors may think these ideas are un­teth­ered from re­al­ity, but will there be enough of them to change the course of this de­mented pres­i­dency? Much of the me­dia are ex­hausted from il­lu­mi­nat­ing the na­tional may­hem and even when things such as Trump’s in­dus­trial-scale tax cheat­ing are ex­posed, cit­i­zens just shrug. So what?

All that the man in the White House has to of­fer is fear. As vet­eran re­porter Bob Wood­ward re­minds us in his book of the same name, Trump said while run­ning for of­fice: “Real power is, I don’t

• even want to use the word: ‘Fear.’”

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