Not rest­ing in peace

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Robert Men­zies must be the most un­quiet corpse in po­lit­i­cal his­tory. Were he ac­tu­ally to be ex­humed, the poor man’s skele­ton would doubt­less re­sem­ble a corkscrew. The rea­son? Since John Howard first won gov­ern­ment, peo­ple have pe­ri­od­i­cally ob­served that the mis­an­thropic philis­tin­ism of his and sub­se­quent Liberal gov­ern­ments have caused Men­zies to be turn­ing, twist­ing, rolling, or som­er­sault­ing in his grave. And with good rea­son. No one since Howard, and es­pe­cially Howard, has been re­motely Men­zian.

– Wil­liam Hage­man, Bur­wood East, Vic

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