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1. Which race did Kim Bea­z­ley de­scribe as “400 me­tres of na­tional rec­on­cil­i­a­tion”?

2. Phoebe is a moon of which planet?

3. Rounded to the near­est whole num­ber, one calo­rie equals how many kilo­joules?

4. Lisa Alexan­der is head coach of which na­tional sports team?

5. Lake Tit­i­caca is si­t­u­ated in which moun­tain range?

6. What is the name for an egg-lay­ing mam­mal?

7. The three lead char­ac­ters in the

1952 film Sin­gin’ in the Rain are Gene Kelly, Deb­bie Reynolds and…?

8. In what year did Aus­tralia’s goods and ser­vices tax be­come op­er­a­tional?

9. The city of Sa­van­nah is in which US state?

10. Which 1970s Rod Ste­wart hit begins with a man­dolin solo?

11. “Hepatic” re­lates to which or­gan?

12. In which cen­tury was the Taj Ma­hal built?

13. Which Aus­tralian state or ter­ri­tory had the high­est vote for mar­riage equal­ity in the 2017 postal sur­vey?

14. Who was en­gaged to ac­tor Ben Af­fleck in 2002?

15. Who wrote that his­tory re­peats, “the first time as tragedy, the sec­ond as farce”?

16. Mod­els Gemma Ward, Jes­sica Gomes and Megan Gale were born in which Aus­tralian cap­i­tal city?

17. Bas­ket­baller Liz Cam­bage (pic­tured) played for which WNBA team in 2018?

18. For what type of com­pany does a dra­maturge work? 19. What would the word “back” score in a game of Scrab­ble if it didn’t sit on any bonus point squares?

20. On which con­ti­nent are macaques chiefly found?

21. Which coun­try’s na­tional an­them begins: “E Ihowā Atua”?

22. Who play the ti­tle roles in the 2018 com­edy film Holmes & Wat­son?

23. The name of what pasta trans­lates to “but­ter­flies” in English?

24. Ben Gil­lies, Daniel Johns and Chris Joan­nou formed the band In­no­cent Crim­i­nals in 1992. What name were the trio known by when they won ARIA awards?

25. Phuket is an is­land of which coun­try?

26. What is 15 per cent

of 300?

27. What is the main com­po­nent of the al­loy steel?

28. Orogeny cre­ates which ge­o­log­i­cal fea­ture?

29. Com­plete the say­ing: He who laughs last…

30. Aus­tralian Stephanie Gil­more last month won a record-equalling sev­enth world surf­ing ti­tle, match­ing the ac­com­plish­ment of which coun­try­woman?

31. The char­ac­ters Jane Gal­lagher, Phoebe Caulfield and Carl Luce fea­ture in which novel?

32. Which fur­ni­ture de­sign­ers cre­ated the Time-Life ex­ec­u­tive chair?

33. Would a per­son eat, wear or play cuirass? 34. Which blood group is most com­mon in Asia?

35. Who cre­ated the art­work Girl with Bal­loon that was this year par­tially shred­ded sec­onds af­ter be­ing sold at auc­tion?

36. Name the whistle­blower and for­mer United States Army sol­dier who was court-mar­tialled in 2013 for vi­o­lat­ing the Es­pi­onage Act and other of­fences.

37. Ac­cord­ing to Greek le­gend, who gouged out his own eyes fol­low­ing pat­ri­cide and incest?

38. Which city has the largest pop­u­la­tion of Ho­bart, Gee­long, Wol­lon­gong and Townsville?

39. How would you write 98 in Ro­man nu­mer­als?

40. Which bats­man’s sus­pen­sion over ball-tam­per­ing from Cricket Aus­tralia is due to ex­pire on De­cem­ber 29, 2018?

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