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What does our PM believe?

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Scott Morrison said on election night: “I have always believed in miracles.” That is precisely why he represents a danger to Australia’s future. Morrison regards his religion as a “private matter” but happily allows the media to show him in church. He is an avowed adherent of Pentecosta­lism, some tenets of which many would regard as extreme, and, in the context of his lack of enthusiasm for effective action on climate change, highly dangerous if not sinister. Pentecosta­ls believe in the existence of the devil and hell, and that the Bible is literally true and inerrant. Key elements of their eschatolog­y are that we are living in End Times (nearing the end of history) and that the Second Coming is imminent. They envisage a continual tension between the forces of good and evil, but Jesus will soon return bringing Rapture to Christian believers and consigning Satan (and non-believers) to hell. What should be of great concern is that Morrison may well believe it is pointless to try to save the Earth as “The Lord” has other plans. He may well consider there is no point in mere mortals such as you and me campaignin­g for greenhouse gas abatement because the fate of the Earth and humanity will be determined by the interactio­n of such supernatur­al forces as the devil and the imminent return of Jesus Christ. These are very disturbing thoughts and provide a good reason to ask: is our prime minister a closet doomsday cultist?

– Ian Bayly, Upwey, Vic

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