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AUKUS not in our interests


Thanks for your excellent editorial (“Losing to win”, September 18-24) on the nuclear submarines matter, and for including

Hugh White’s sensible piece (“From the submarine to the ridiculous”, September 18-24). Although I don’t absolutely agree with all the points White makes, his main point that this is a stupid idea is spot on.

Have we learnt nothing from the debacle of the Afghanista­n war? If a war against China follows all this sabre-rattling, there would be no winning it. Even without a war, this heads us in completely the wrong direction in terms of other neighbourh­ood relations and could encourage an escalation of militarism in our region. David Vine’s book, The United States of War, tells us that since independen­ce from Britain, the US has been free of war for only 11 years. They go to war in their own interests anywhere and everywhere, with disastrous results. We must not follow blindly ever again. In our relative democracy, we have the chance to overturn bad decisions. This could happen, with effort and some difficulty, if the Labor party could be persuaded to withdraw their conditiona­l support. It’s such a long-term project – without bipartisan support, it will fail. – Jo Vallentine, Coolbellup, WA

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