The Saturday Paper

Regional alliances disturbed


The Morrison government’s decision to invest in nuclear submarines was kept secret, not just from France but also from Australian­s. It adds weight to the New York Times’ claim “Australia may well be the world’s most secretive democracy”. It is also a dumb decision, immediatel­y alienating New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the European

Union. But most seriously it is a dangerous decision that in Hugh White’s words “drags us closer to the front line of a war”. In a pathetic justificat­ion, Scott Morrison claims the submarines will “make the region safer”. Instead of visionary, capable leaders, we have failed adman Morrison and hawkish ex cop Peter Dutton further deepening our dependence on the US and moving us closer to war. The only moral war the Morrison government should be fighting is the war against climate change.

– Ray Peck, Hawthorn, Vic

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