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ALP needs to back EVS again


John Hewson (“Driving backwards from zero”, September 18-24) has, as sensibly as anyone, outlined the shortcomin­gs of the Morrison government’s lack of policy on energy and the road to zero carbon emissions. He quotes Morrison’s now famous line that Bill Shorten’s policy on electric vehicles would “end the weekend”. No one, then, thought how efficientl­y Morrison himself would end the weekend through poorly planned vaccinatio­ns. Through haranguing from Morrison and after losing the election, Labor dropped that policy and several others. Labor should re-establish its commitment to taxing the wealthy, promoting EVS, investing in renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels. In short, a Shorten platform for the future. Labor lost the last election to an ex-marketing expert because it thought that the bleedin’ obvious does not need to be explained to the bleedin’ undereduca­ted. Pick up the slack, Labor; spell it out this next time.

– Steve Hall, Cooroy, Qld

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