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One family and the Christian Brothers


In Mike Seccombe’s article, Tracy Mcewan, vice-president of Women and the Australian Church, stated: “I don’t think you ever stop being a Catholic.” Believe me, my husband and I have. Our son, when aged 11, was raped over a four-month period by a Christian Brother who had been sexually and physically abusing young boys for well over 20 years; who has taught at numerous Christian Brothers schools in Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, being sent by the hierarchy from one to the other as his reputation became known; who is in jail for his crimes. I can never support an organisati­on that accepts and supports this convicted criminal as a Christian Brother, wearing his little cross on his lapel; an organisati­on that has spent millions of dollars on this man, while fighting victims/survivors all the way to court or mediation, often taking many years; an organisati­on that has covered up criminal activity against children. I commend Tracy Mcewan for trying to reform the Catholic Church. Could she also try to teach it some Christiani­ty. I won’t be holding my breath.

– Name and address withheld

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