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What would Jesus do?


The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney paradoxica­lly quotes Jesus putting the service of others over power and control, as Mike Seccombe reports in “Exclusive: George Pell returned to Australia ahead of church reforms” (September 25–October 1). Yet Anthony Fisher represents an institutio­n of wealth and influence, built upon mediaeval, male, clerical and selfperpet­uating power structures that are totally at odds with the central ideas taught by the very man the church claims to represent uniquely. It can be argued that Jesus, furiously critical as he was of the religious authoritie­s of his day, had no intention at all of founding a “church” so much as to spread the word about compassion. As happens with so many religious movements, the original intentions and values become subverted and distorted beyond recognitio­n as the institutio­n seeks to grow and maintain power.

– Tim Mcdonald, Newcastle, NSW

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