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Politician­s and public trust


Rachel Withers’ probing comments disclosed many of our leading politician­s are afraid of a federal ICAC for the simple reason that they would likely be under investigat­ion, should their integrity be questioned (“Who’s afraid of a federal ICAC?”, October 9-15). I became discombobu­lated following attempts to digest spurious claims by the Coalition against the NSW watchdog. Alternativ­ely described as “a witch-hunt”, “the Crucible”, “a kangaroo court”, “the Spanish Inquisitio­n”, and “monster”, our leaders continuall­y play the fear card. In 1977, Don Chipp famously promised to “keep the bastards honest”, with limited success. Public trust in our elected leaders is at an appallingl­y low level. A federal ICAC is necessary to investigat­e our political miscreants at the highest level.

– Carmelo Bazzano, Epping, Vic

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