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Keeping track of the dollars


Maybe Barnaby Joyce has it wrong about the Spanish Inquisitio­n. It was instigated in 1478 to maintain Catholic orthodoxy and there’s no denying that it has achieved that. It’s exactly what’s needed to maintain the orthodoxy of the Westminste­r system of government based on ministeria­l responsibi­lity. But, as tempting as it may be, we don’t burn backslider­s at the stake these days. However, the aims of a modern, somewhat less corporal version embodied in a federal anti-corruption authority are decidedly commendabl­e. The Australian electorate deserves nothing less, and I feel sure the long-suffering Australian taxpayers would love to discover where their dollars are going. Now surely Barnaby would have to agree that if it’s good enough for the Catholic Church, it’s good enough for the Australian government?

– John Mosig, Kew, Vic

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