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From human scale to global


In “The revolution will be electrifie­d” (Mike Seccombe, February 5-11), Saul Griffith speaks about something that concerns me greatly: How do we urgently engage people in climate action? Saul’s answer: “I don’t think we solve climate change until we build public consensus that solving it is good for them.” Even for

Saul, climate activism is often deeply personal and domestic, and burdened by a preference for old familiar ways. Debate about which climate actions are worthy, pitting our own small, domestic actions against broader, bigpicture climate advocacy, doesn’t help move us beyond our domestic perspectiv­e. Even our smallest actions contain Griffith’s personal benefits of action – engagement, modelling new behaviours and providing an on-ramp to broader action – moving the personal to the political. It’s not a question of less beef or Beetaloo, but of capturing hearts and minds so that we are empowered to do both.

– Karen Lamb, North Geelong, Vic

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