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A weak bill and undisclose­d payments


After three years, the Morrison government has not legislated a national integrity commission as promised. Retired judge Stephen Charles describes the government’s weak draft integrity bill as “a sham intended to protect” parliament­arians and their staff from investigat­ion (“The case for a national integrity commission”, February 5-11).

After the sports and car park rorts, that conclusion is hardly surprising. Muddying the integrity waters are the millions of dollars in undisclose­d political donations from the fossil-fuel industry (Hannah Ryan, “Dark money and receipts”, February 5-11). It would be better if donations were made only by citizens, similar to Canada. Transparen­cy Internatio­nal argues donations should be capped and the disclosure threshold lowered. A vote for independen­ts at the election is a vote for integrity, transparen­cy and climate action. Seems like the way to go.

– Carolyn Ingvarson, Canterbury, Vic

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