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One family’s suffering


“The story of a life” by Rick Morton, February 12-18, is a poignant story of the pandemic’s impact on the many faceless names in our aged communitie­s. Beautiful and shocking at the same time. This more personal delve into the impact on one family goes a long way to exposing this government’s callousnes­s and disregard for the aged-care sector over the past decade. Billions in funding cuts and obfuscatio­n of responsibi­lity almost pale against their inaction regarding the recommenda­tions of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety after its horror findings.

The federal government has forced the health and aged-care sectors to the brink of collapse without remorse, arrogantly playing with numbers in an attempt to paint a picture of leadership in control. But we are still in crisis and our front-line staff are still overworked and underpaid. Calling out from the bleachers, ministers in charge maintain their absolute disconnect to community, proving their lack of compassion, humanity and moral leadership. Strong action will require strong leadership, honesty and real governance, just not from a Morrison-led government.

– Ian Ossher, Dover Heights, NSW

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