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Bunya nut fruit salad Serves 2

- Time: 1 hour preparatio­n + 20 minutes assembly • 500g bunya nuts (peeled) • 180g sugar • 1 dragon fruit • 1 finger lime • 200g grapes • mint or Thai basil

1. Peel off the bunya nut’s external skin and split it down the middle to remove the central shoot as you would the green shoot of a garlic clove. Blanch the bunya nuts in boiling water for two minutes then refresh in iced water. Blend the bunya nut with one litre of chilled water and 80 grams of the sugar for about three minutes in a food processor or until it is completely smooth. Adjust the water level so it becomes a paste similar in texture to yoghurt.

2. Peel and slice the dragon fruit into thin rounds. Retain the scraps and place them in a pan with the remaining 100 grams of sugar and 100 millilitre­s water. Bring to boil and simmer for three minutes, then let this steep in the pot for a further 10 minutes. Strain the syrup into a separate bowl. Clean the finger lime by cutting in half and squeezing the pulp onto a chopping board. Separate the seeds out with the tip of a knife, then scrape the pearls into the dragon fruit syrup.

3. Lay the dragon fruit slices around the base of a bowl. Top with a big spoonful of the bunya cream in the centre and spread out flat to nearly the edge of the dragon fruit. Slice the grapes in rounds and place into a bowl, dress with the finger lime and dragon fruit syrup, then scatter over the top of the bunya cream and dragon fruit. Finish with fresh mint or Thai basil.

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