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Being free with taxpayers’ money


Mike Seccombe’s article “Taylor’s office spent $1 billion on ‘sham’ carbon projects”, March 26–April 1, is a clear and damning illustrati­on of the deceitful behaviour and hypocritic­al words of the Morrison–taylor government for fossil fuels. Not content with the $12 billion per year of government subsidies for a dated fossil fuel industry that feeds global heating, while a nascent and potentiall­y lucrative renewable energy industry that starves global heating receives $7.7 billion a year, the Morrison government now hands out unearned carbon credits to people who will not use them for their intended purpose. If your bank handled your money in such a cavalier fashion you would probably change banks. I suggest that it’s time for a change of government.

– Douglas Mackenzie, Deakin, ACT

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