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Scott Morrison had one job


In his commentary (“They know he’s a bullshitte­r”, April 9-15), Paul Bongiorno wrote “Morrison stopped governing months ago and has been swamping the media with taxpayerfu­nded ‘government’ ads that are blatantly about returning the Liberals to power”. Has Scott Morrison ever actually governed?

Or has he just made ill-considered captain’s picks and browbeaten his acolytes and minions into governing for him? Morrison has certainly authorised “government” ads that in reality are bragging about the few accomplish­ments of his lazy, corrupt “government”.

– Douglas Mackenzie, Deakin, ACT

Or should that be teal-ribbon independen­t? Momentum is everything and, should this trend sweep across the Coalition’s liberalmin­ded heartland, is it possible that we’ll see the kind of party rebirth Robert Menzies crafted from the ashes of the United Australia Party back in 1944? Built on integrity, fairness and public service, its members stood by these principles. That is, until it was hijacked by the current band of rent-seeking adventurer­s.

– John Mosig, Kew, Vic

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