The Saturday Paper

The house always wins


If ever there were a salutary example of the corrupting power of money over integrity, it would be found within the grubby portals of the glittering gambling halls (Rick Morton, “Casino within a casino: Star’s extraordin­ary breaches”, September 17-23). If government truly represente­d citizens’ welfare, statesanct­ioned gambling would not exist. But when government derives vast revenue from gambling, its duty of care appears subsumed by greed. Does this amoral revenue-raising justify the resulting devastatio­n that enables addiction, mental health deteriorat­ion, domestic violence, poverty, relationsh­ip breakdown, fraud, corruption, organised crime and money laundering? It’s an abrogation of governance of the highest order. Yet, over and again, the scandals recede, the casinos retain their licences and, as Morton says, the house always wins.

– Alison Stewart, Riverview, NSW

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