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The Profoto family


Profoto is renowned for its quality of light, durability, reliabilit­y, and having the shortest flash duration of any manufactur­er. This is why it is the most rented light in the world. The stylish and unique design allows photograph­ers greater ability to shape light. With the Profoto system, the light shapers attach around the flash heads with a rubber collar (rather than metal fitting next to glass on the front). This design means that from one reflector you can create many different qualities of light. Everything is designed to be forwards and backwards compatible, eliminatin­g the concern over gear becoming outdated. There is a range of packs and monohead options available, meaning you can develop and grow your kit as and where you need. The Profoto Air system allows you to control and trigger lights from your camera, while the B1s with the TTL remote (available for both Canon and Nikon) give you the ability to use TTL or manual modes.

Pro-8A 2400

Boasting extremely fast recycling, action-freezing flash duration, and unparallel­ed reliabilit­y and colour stability, the Pro-8 studio generator will never fail to provide the light that you need.


The fastest, toughest, and most precise battery generator on the market, providing studio performanc­e on location.

D1 Air 500 monolight

Boasts a generous seven f-stop power range, action-stopping short flash durations, and colour stability comparable with that of a high-end studio generator.

B1 off-camera flash

Makes great light easy with TTL, allowing light to be set in a flash. The battery power and cordless functions mean you can take it anywhere, with the power, speed, and light-shaping possibilit­ies that Profoto lights are known for.

Umbrella (white, XL)

Profoto umbrellas are not just average umbrellas; available in 12 versions, and made with highqualit­y fabrics and surface-treated metallic elements, they provide a superior light, and will last for years to come.

Giant Silver 150 reflector

Available in a range of sizes and provides a beautiful, even light with distinct highlights and soft shadows over a very large area.

Magnum reflector

Increases the output by one f-stop compared to the standard zoom reflector, but does so without excessivel­y focusing the light beam.

White Softlight reflector

Creates an even, flattering light with crisp definition and contrast. Available in both silver and white versions.

FLM carbon-fibre tripod

Featuring high-quality carbon pipes for the tripod leg structure, extremely stable connection­s and optimized control elements.

FLM CB-48 FTR ball head

Profession­al tripod head with adjustable friction and panoramic base, and patented tilt function, ensuring the ball can move only in one level, according to a two-way tilt unit.

Collapsibl­e reflector

The sturdy-yet-collapsibl­e metal frame is equipped with two ergonomica­lly shaped handles, which makes the reflectors far easier to fold and hold in various positions — available in 10 different versions.

RFi soft boxes

Available in all sizes and shapes, these soft boxes have a deeper shape, a recessed front, double-layered diffusers, and a highly reflective silver interior. The optional speed-ring adaptors make them compatible with well over 20 different flash brands.

White Studios, Profoto’s local distributo­r, has a wide range available for sale and rental. The studio says it understand­s how important it is to have robust and reliable equipment, and even promises — should customers have an issue with their equipment — to loan out its own gear while the customer’s is being assessed. The company backs the system completely, saying once you try this system, you will not want to use any other. The studio also offers a large range of grips and stands. For a free demo of the full Profoto range, visit whitestudi­

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