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Broncolor Siros L


Photograph­ers shooting on location need the kind of power, portabilit­y, and versatilit­y that brings the studio to you, rather than the other way around. Which is where the Siros L comes in. Broncolor builds upon its wealth of experience and innovation with the Siros L, which is able to control light across a variety of situations. It’s the latest offering for perfectly pitched lighting — whether in a mobile form, easily integrated into Broncolor units and modifiers in-studio, or for onlocation shoots in the great outdoors.

As one of the most powerful compact devices currently available, the Siros 800 L has a maximum output of 800 joules, while the smaller 400 L head manages half the energy of its bigger brother. They’re powered by lithium ion batteries that aren’t housed in external packs connected by a cable, but rather fit inside the head. Designed to withstand the elements, the Siros L units operate from a chilly minus 10, right up to a scorching 60 degrees. With a control range of up to nine f-stops, and capable of precise adjustment­s of two joules of power, the Siros L allows photograph­ers a near unrestrict­ed choice of aperture. While at higher settings it’s possible to out-flash the sun, lower settings allow for shooting wide- open for soft portraits or dramatic scenes. Plus, the 25-watt LED modules offer a bright modelling light with a colour temperatur­e of 3000 K — matching that of the halogen modelling lamps of mainspower­ed Siros S units.

There’s no doubt that speed is central to the design of the Siros L. The ECTC technology from Broncolor’s high-end Scoro and Move power packs are again utilized within this model, guaranteei­ng flash durations as quick as 1/19,000s — fast enough to freeze water droplets and other stop-action effects — and all the while ensuring consistent colour across the flash curve. Recycle times get as quick as 0.03 seconds, allowing for consecutiv­e fullpower exposures, and ensuring no opportunit­y is missed. Ideal for on-location shoots, the Siros’ fully- charged lithium-ion battery stores enough energy for a Siros 800 L to flash more than 220 times at maximum power.

These functions are adjusted by way of a single rotary controller — or the menus and controls of up to six units can be accessed via your tablet or smartphone. Bringing studio lighting into the digital arena, the Siros models offer Wi-Fi control with iPhone and iPad through Broncolor’s specially developed light- control iOS app, bronContro­l, with an Android alternativ­e soon to be released. The app allows users to control the power output and other settings, without having to use the manual controls on the back of flash units. Plus, Broncolor adds a nice touch with its multi- colour LED identifier­s that help tell each unit apart when adjusting them from the app.

For more informatio­n and to purchase, go to photowareh­, or visit your nearest Photo Warehouse store.

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