The penny has just dropped

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Ihave only been the editor of this mag­a­zine since last June so, to be hon­est, I still have an aw­ful lot to learn. I take ad­vice and di­rec­tion on what articles should be pub­lished in The Shed from our read­ers first, of course; then our great team of writ­ers; and my friends and col­leagues. I’m not sure that any­one can be an ex­pert on ev­ery­thing shed-like but frankly, almost all of our crew of writ­ers are pretty well clued-up on a wide range of sub­jects.

The ex-pub­lisher of this mag­a­zine, Jude Wood­side, seems to be to­tally clued-up on ev­ery­thing shed-re­lated be­cause any­time I have a query on almost any­thing, he has the an­swer. Im­pres­sive. We are very grateful for his con­tin­ued in­volve­ment in The Shed as a writer and our tech­ni­cal editor, as I’m sure many of you are too.

So, I am learn­ing what content you, our read­ers, like to read, and we strive to achieve pro­vide that in each is­sue, but I must ad­mit, I was a bit per­plexed by the con­stant fas­ci­na­tion by so many of our read­ers and writ­ers with knives and knife mak­ing. I just couldn’t see what all the fuss was about — that is, un­til I met a knife maker re­cently.

As one of our ma­jor articles this is­sue is on that sub­ject, and be­cause there is a knife mak­ers’ show com­ing up in Auck­land later this year, I fig­ured that I had to know more about this pas­sion­ately fol­lowed craft that I un­der­stood so lit­tle about.

Well, as soon as I held one of th­ese knives in my hand at the work­shop of Brent Sandow, the penny dropped. I got it.

Th­ese hand­made knives are works of art. The look and the feel of the steel. The shape of the blade. The way the handle sits and feels in your palm. The ex­quis­ite bone or wooden han­dles looking just like pre­cious jewels. The balance of it as it sits in your hand. The maker’s skills in cre­at­ing this in­stru­ment are ap­par­ent for any­one to see once you get up close and per­sonal. The phe­nom­e­nal range of tool­ing and equip­ment that is re­quired to make knives such as th­ese made my jaw drop.

I have al­ways won­dered what folks would want with a knife the likes of which we have fea­tured be­ing made over the years. Are there re­ally that many hunters out there? But now I get it.

Ap­pre­ci­at­ing th­ese knives for the cre­ative gems that they are is al­ready enough for me. I see why so many of our read­ers seek in­for­ma­tion on how they are made, and even the skills to make one them­selves. To be hon­est, I am sure there may be some who just col­lect knives or even put them on dis­play in glass frames — that would not sur­prise me in the slight­est.

Dif­fer­ent shapes, beau­ti­ful steel, dif­fer­ent uses, dif­fer­ent handle fin­ishes. Works of art.

I’m in, now I want one, or two. Penny de­liv­ered.

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