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The last job was to dis­as­sem­ble the whole unit and drill 6mm holes at var­i­ous places through­out the frame to al­low air and steam to es­cape when it gets hot dipped. Putting the holes on the bot­tom also en­sures that wa­ter can drain out later. Make sure that there are no en­closed ar­eas be­cause the heat of the hot-dip bath can cause the air to blow out ex­plo­sively.

The fi­nal size of the cage means that I have to re­move the rear door of the trailer but that is no real con­cern. I mis­cal­cu­lated the width of the end that fits be­tween the sides be­cause I for­got to ac­count for the 4mm mesh added to each side. This meant that I had to use a ham­mer to get it to fit. How­ever the up­side is that it doesn’t re­ally need much teth­er­ing to the trailer. Later I will fit thin­ner sides to the trailer and al­le­vi­ate the fit.

This is not the end of the process. The pieces will now have to be hot-dip gal­va­nized, but the near­est hot dip is an hour and half away with a two-week wait, so that is a job for another time.

The pieces will now have to be hot-dip gal­va­nized

The drop lock in place

Weld­ing the hinges

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