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Impedance: The AC re­sis­tance that varies with fre­quency, mea­sured in ohms.

Re: The DC re­sis­tance of the driver mea­sured in ohms.

Le: The in­duc­tance of the voice coil mea­sured in mil­li­hen­ries. This is a mea­sure of the back EMF in the coil. Fs: Res­o­nant fre­quency in free air of the driver in hertz.

Qms: Me­chan­i­cal damp­ing.

Qes: Elec­tri­cal damp­ing.

Qts: Qual­ity fac­tor in­cor­po­rat­ing the in­verse of Qms and Qes.

Mms: The to­tal mov­ing mass of the cone, the coil, half the sur­round and spi­der.

Cms: The com­pli­ance of the speaker. The stiff­ness of the sur­round and spi­der.

Sd: The ef­fec­tive area of the cone; the cone less the sur­round.

Bl: Flux den­sity (B) x length of the coil (L) = the strength of the driver mo­tor in tesla me­tres (T·m).

Vas: The com­pli­ance of the air in the cab­i­net that matches the com­pli­ance of the speaker.

Xmax: Max­i­mum dis­tance the cone can travel with­out dis­tort­ing.

Vc: Di­am­e­ter of the voice coil.

SPL: Sound pres­sure level.

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