Pre­cau­tions be­fore us­ing an old pres­sure ves­sel or fuel con­tainer

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Ex­treme cau­tion must be ex­er­cised when first cut­ting open, drilling, or weld­ing any con­tainer that has held flammable gas or liq­uid.

Al­ways fill the ves­sel to the ab­so­lute brim with wa­ter be­fore you com­mence work­ing on it. Any con­tainer that has pre­vi­ously held fuel or flammable liq­uid of any sort, even if it is now clean and empty, will be­come a bomb once heat or sparks are present. Never cut, weld, or drill into such a con­tainer if there is still a pocket of air in it. Re­mem­ber that any con­tainer be­comes a po­ten­tial bomb if even a small residue of flammable vapours catch alight and are con­fined within it.

If you are un­cer­tain of the pre­vi­ous uses the con­tainer has been put to, as­sume it has had flammable liq­uid or gas in it and treat it ac­cord­ingly. This warn­ing should be heeded for any and all con­tain­ers that may have held flammable liq­uids or gases in them pre­vi­ously. There are no sec­ond chances!

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