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Recre­ate the Arocs tip­per truck by the world’s lead­ing truck man­u­fac­turer, Daim­ler AG, with this RC model assem­bly kit. The truck achieves a truly re­al­is­tic fin­ish with de­tailed head­light guards, front bumper, skid plate, and one-piece resin bed re­in­forced with a metal frame. Power from the front-mounted mo­tor is de­liv­ered to rear axles via pro­pel­ler shaft, and the 3-speed trans­mis­sion al­lows gear changes via sep­a­rately avail­able 4-chan­nel trans­mit­ter. The model en­joys easy driv­ing thanks to the float-mounted die-cast front and re­in­forced resin rear axles, built-in dif­fer­en­tial gears, and highly re­al­is­tic sus­pen­sion with metal leaf springs and fric­tion dampers.

Priced at $899. Get it at bay­hob­

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