Back o’ The Shed We wel­come our new colum­nist, ex–Shed pub­lisher Jude Wood­side

The Shed - - Contents - By Jude Wood­side

Ionce heard from a woman who was re­new­ing her hus­band’s sub­scrip­tion to The Shed who com­plained that he had six sheds packed with all man­ner of “handy stuff” that he couldn’t part with even though, at 94 years of age, he wasn’t likely to need much of it any­more.

His de­vo­tion to his col­lec­tion was such that they couldn’t sell up and down­size to move into some­thing smaller.

While I am not that de­voted yet, I can see his point. I bet the day that the col­lec­tion is fi­nally cleared some­one’s 1940s vin­tage car will break down out­side the house and will re­quire just the part that he had held onto for the past 70 years in an­tic­i­pa­tion of such an oc­ca­sion.

Like ev­ery shed­die, I have a col­lec­tion of stuff that will ‘come in handy’ some time and, as much as I re­al­ize that I haven’t called on it in over 20 years, I still can’t bear to part with it. It’s partly par­si­mony and partly util­i­tar­ian angst — I don’t want to buy an­other one and I still might use it.

Hav­ing fled Auck­land last year for the beau­ti­ful Wairarapa I am still in the process some 12 months later of un­pack­ing some of that stuff. My work­shop is gen­er­ally fin­ished, I have all the tools I need for now, but I am still find­ing and cre­at­ing homes for all the other nec­es­sary ‘stuff’. It is a maxim that proves it­self time and again — that stuff ex­pands to fill the space avail­able.

I do like the feel­ing of a clean and tidy work­shop with a place for ev­ery­thing and ev­ery­thing in its place. I’ve sel­dom been able to achieve it and I ad­mire those who can.

I have just picked up a col­lec­tion of wall-mounted stor­age bins that I will mount at strate­gic sites around the work­shop, and I have been build­ing shelves and cup­boards. But still there are boxes un­packed and things that can’t be found.

There are few things as frus­trat­ing as, in your hour of need, not be­ing able to find that ‘thing’ that you had kept all these years for just that job.

That’s the ben­e­fit of proper or­ga­ni­za­tion and me­thod­i­cal stor­age; some­thing I sus­pect that I am patho­log­i­cally in­ca­pable of achiev­ing. I am far more of a free thinker, as any­one who has seen my desk will ap­pre­ci­ate. My fil­ing sys­tem is based on the ‘pil­ing’ prin­ci­ple with no dis­cern­able sys­tem, but some­how I re­mem­ber where ev­ery­thing is.

I’m in the process of fin­ish­ing off a very sturdy shelv­ing unit to take the larger ac­ces­sories for my saw bench and as­sorted tools … just as soon as I find my tape mea­sure.

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