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Nowa­days, Ar­tie says that he is re­tired, but he still does pump and gen­er­a­tor ser­vic­ing for a few clients and friends. Ar­tie’s shed is more a col­lec­tion of sheds in re­al­ity. The main work­shop is housed in an old bus. With elec­tric­ity not on tap, gen­er­a­tion is a ne­ces­sity and he has a ro­bust-look­ing Lis­ter en­gine driv­ing a gen­er­a­tor. It was not in work­ing or­der when first ac­quired, so he spent many hours get­ting it run­ning and has set it up so that it can run on a 70 per cent used­veg­etable-oil mix. Fuel prices are much higher on the Bar­rier, which has been ex­ac­er­bated by the Auckland Coun­cil tax which the lo­cals are fight­ing.

The Lis­ter diesel drives a 1500W gen­er­a­tor, which isn’t lot of power from such a big unit, so Ar­tie has an­other, more mod­ern, smaller unit that has more grunt. The gen­er­a­tor that the Lis­ter pow­ers is a mo­tor/gen­er­a­tor, mean­ing that it can be used as an elec­tric mo­tor to start the Lis­ter diesel. On one of the sheds he has only so­lar pan­els that top

We think some­one has al­ready let the bus go!

Lathes in the bus work­shop

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