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Cricket mix-up

Did your Clif­ford the Cricket in Is­sue No. 81 work OK? I did no­tice on the cover picture, the picture on page 3, and very clearly on the top-right-hand-cor­ner picture on page 101 that the cath­ode and an­ode are the wrong way round on Diode 1. Just an ob­ser­va­tion. Brad Wards

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Mark Beck­ett replies: You are cor­rect, D1 is in­cor­rectly mounted, and yes it does work, although the LEDs flick­ered even when the sound was off. I did my usual trick of bend­ing the com­po­nents and then stuff­ing them in, and fol­lowed the shape on the PCB. (https://girtby.net/archives/2009/01/11/ they-dont-call-it-hard­ware-for-noth­ing/.) So well spot­ted and thanks for point­ing it out. I have been get­ting your won­der­ful magazine for a num­ber of years. It is good that a pub­li­ca­tion brings to­gether the skills and ex­pe­ri­ence of shed­dies.

How­ever, I must point out to your read­ers if there is er­ro­neous in­for­ma­tion. There is. I of­ten look back to the April/ May (2018?) edi­tion and the ar­ti­cle about 3D print­ers. I must point out that 3D print­ers do not make your de­signs into the real (mean­ing­ful) thing (para­graph 19). And what is meant by the “dig­i­tal world” (para­graph 20)? As far as I know, dig­i­tal pro­cesses have been around for decades. And no, mak­ing games, record­ing mu­sic, robotics, and 3D print­ing (para­graph 20) are not re­ally the same thing as mak­ing things in your shed.

So let’s get back to what shed­dies need most in a li­brary — news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines, and books — not 3D print­ers. Sue Em­ber,

Den­ver, Colorado, US

[via email]

Thank you for your let­ter, Sue, and sorry to see you don’t share our ad­mi­ra­tion for 3D print­ers. I have to dis­agree with you, I am afraid, I be­lieve th­ese print­ers have helped shed­dies a great deal since their ar­rival. To be able to cre­ate or repli­cate parts your­self is a great ad­van­tage. Some parts are just too ex­pen­sive to pur­chase or no longer avail­able and the 3D printer’s abil­ity to solve those is­sues is a real bonus for shed­dies ev­ery­where.

So sorry, Sue, we will have to agree to dis­agree on this one — Editor

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