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Race 1: Dev­ils Mar­bles Be­gan awk­wardly and lost ground at the start. Over­raced in the mid­dle stages and had to be stead­ied from heels of an­other run­ner near the 600m. Sun­shine Coast 16/12/2018 Woolsey Be­gan awk­wardly and shifted out. Ea­gle Farm 22/12/2018

Race 2: Heavenly Jour­ney Be­gan awk­wardly and lost ground. Doomben 19/12/2018 Brahma Ar­mour Com­menced to over­race and got its head up when the pace slack­ened pass­ing the 900m and had to be re­strained away from heels. Lost the near fore plate in run­ning. Doomben 19/12/2018 Lola’s Di­a­mond Bumped heav­ily on jump­ing and lost ground. Lost the off fore plate in run­ning. Ip­swich 21/12/2018 Lo­tus Leaf Slow to be­gin. Placed in re­stricted room near the 900m and be­came awk­ward. Sun­shine Coast 14/12/2018 Tav­is­fac­tion Near the 400m was stead­ied when crowded. When qst re tac­tics, rdr std was in­str to have mount rid­den con­ser­va­tively back in field in an at­tempt to fin­ish the race off. Added mount be­gan well fm wide bar­rier &, when in his opin­ion the pace was only slow appr 1st turn, he elected to al­low mount to shift across & take up a pos out­side leader. Fur­ther std, after round­ing 1st turn, an­tic other rnr’s impr & as a re­sult was left rac­ing in a po­si­tion on pace. Gos­ford 28/07/2018 Bey­on­c­neigh Slow into stride. Beaudesert 12/12/2018 Bub’s Gold Laid in pass­ing the 500m, mak­ing con­tact with run­ning rail. Ip­swich 14/12/2018 Joy­maker A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed a lac­er­a­tion to the off-side hock. Sun­shine Coast 09/12/2018 Mys­tic Brook Bumped on jump­ing. Ip­swich 14/12/2018

Race 3: Dubawi Sniper Held up round­ing the home turn. Beaudesert 24/12/2018 Kid Flash Hung out from leav­ing 600m on­wards. Doomben 15/08/2018 Get Stuck In Jumped away awk­wardly. Held up ap­proach­ing and round­ing the home turn. Doomben 28/07/2018 Knock Toff Tight­ened for room and lost ground pass­ing the 1000m when AJANI was taken in­wards by AIRACOBRA. Doomben 19/12/2018

Race 4: As It Lies Beaten on protest. Near the 300m shifted wider and bumped with even­tual win­ner again near 100m out car­ried it wider. Lad­brokes Park Hill­side 12/12/2018 Tapa Be­gan awk­wardly. Mur­willum­bah 14/12/2018 Ella Di­vine Jumped away awk­wardly. A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed signs of de­hy­dra­tion and a poor post-race re­cov­ery. Sun­shine Coast 09/12/2018 Le­gal Girl Slow to be­gin. War­wick Farm 06/12/2017 She’s Spicy Lost the near hind plate in run­ning. Doomben 19/12/2018 Win­ter Pas­sage Slow to be­gin. In re­la­tion to the per­for­mance, jockey Browne in­di­cated the horse be­came stirred up when INITIALIZE broke through the bar­ri­ers prior to the start and as a re­sult was slow be­gin. He added the filly trav­elled com­fort­ably in the mid­dle stages but proved dis­ap­point­ing when asked for an ef­fort in the home straight. Sun­shine Coast 21/12/2018 Zoom By Be­gan awk­wardly. Ea­gle Farm 22/12/2018

Race 5: Crys­tal Amor Lost the off hind plate in run­ning. Ea­gle Farm 22/12/2018 Miss Beneteau Slow to be­gin. Laid un­der pres­sure in the home straight. Sun­shine Coast 23/12/2018 Bal­let Baby Rider re­ported de­spite trav­el­ling com­fort­ably in the early and mid­dle stages his mount then failed to re­spond to rid­ing leav­ing the 500m and proved dis­ap­point­ing. Vet­ted - slow post race re­cov­ery and had cast an off fore plate in run­ning.. Gold Coast 22/12/2018 Be My Star Raced wide through­out with cover. Doomben 15/12/2018 Por­tuguese Tart Slow to be­gin. Com­menced to hang out round­ing the first turn and con­tin­ued through­out the mid­dle stages. Round­ing home turn was checked se­verely after hang­ing out across heels. To trial PTNS. Mur­willum­bah 14/12/2018 Satyri­con Be­gan awk­wardly and made con­tact with the bar­rier par­ti­tion. Had some dif­fi­culty se­cur­ing clear run­ning from after pass­ing the 300m un­til ap­proach­ing the 150m. Doomben 19/12/2018 One for Betty Round­ing the home turn was struck on the right side of the face by a dis­lodged horse shoe. A post race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion of the filly re­vealed it to have an abra­sion to that area. Mur­willum­bah 14/12/2018 Ver­ily Checked and lost its po­si­tion near the 1100m. Beaudesert 12/12/2018

Race 6: Chavo Proved re­luc­tant to load. Ip­swich 05/12/2018 Ten Taubada’s Be­gan awk­wardly. Over­raced in the early stages and round­ing the first turn. Mur­willum­bah 14/12/2018 Cabeirian As M. McGil­livray was in­dis­posed, R. Wig­gins was sub­sti­tuted as the rider of the horse. Sun­shine Coast 23/12/2018 Al Magico Blun­dered shortly after the start. Lis­more 21/12/2018 Say I Cee You Slow to be­gin and then failed to muster early speed. Raced wide round­ing the home turn. Bumped with an­other run­ner pass­ing the 300m. Ip­swich 21/12/2018 Vik­ing Raid When ques­tioned re­gard­ing per­for­mance of the geld­ing, rider stated that his mount pulled hard in the early stages. Rider added that his mount then trav­elled well in the mid­dle stages but when plac­ing un­der pres­sure upon straight­en­ing the geld­ing was one paced and only went to the line mod­er­ately. Rider added that in his opin­ion the geld­ing would be suited step­ping up in dis­tance where he can ob­tain a com­fort­able lead and work into sprint. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion failed to re­veal any ob­vi­ous ab­nor­mal­i­ties. Grafton 19/11/2018 Le Beau Re­nard Laid in for a short dis­tance pass­ing the 1100m. Ea­gle Farm 22/12/2018 Per­fect Aim Bumped on jump­ing. Laid out­wards in the straight. Doomben 19/12/2018

Race 7: Sly­dini Raced three wide with cover. Doomben 15/12/2018 Fu­ture Event Raced wide in the early stages. Lis­more 21/12/2018 Le Juge Slow into stride. Had to be stead­ied away from heels ap­proach­ing the 1000m. Doomben 19/12/2018 Art At­tack Hung in round­ing the home turn and again ap­proach­ing the 150m hung sig­nif­i­cantly, con­tact­ing ALLENA, and proved dif­fi­cult to ride. Beaudesert 12/12/2018 Pleased Held up round­ing the home turn and near 400m had to be stead­ied after im­prov­ing onto heels. Grafton 19/11/2018 Hid­den Bud­get Shifted out at the start Sun­shine Coast 16/12/2018 Ara­zona De­clared a late scratch­ing at 2.22 pm due to the down­grad­ing of the track. Sun­shine Coast 14/12/2018

Race 8: Iron Dome Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages. Ea­gle Farm 22/12/2018 Naked Stead­ied from heels after pass­ing the 600m. Sun­shine Coast 16/12/2018 Con­sular Ap­proach­ing 1200m com­menced to over­race and con­tin­ued to do so for a con­sid­er­able dis­tance there­after. Held up round­ing home turn. Rider re­ported geld­ing laid in and away from WIN­NING WAYS over the fi­nal 150m and when cor­rected ap­proach­ing the win­ning post shifted out and bumped WIN­NING WAYS. Gold Coast 15/12/2018 Oddfel­low Bumped on jump­ing. Beaudesert 24/12/2018 Omineca Ham­pered on jump­ing and lost ground. Ea­gle Farm 22/12/2018 Panal­ley Be­gan awk­wardly. Ip­swich 21/12/2018 The Candy Man Stood flat-footed at the start and lost ground. Doomben 19/12/2018 The Launcher Laid out slightly over the fi­nal 50m and made con­tact with KIRIN’S LAD. Ip­swich 21/12/2018 Ya­mazaki Bumped by SHAMURT upon straight­en­ing and then ham­pered by that run­ner near the 150m. Gold Coast 15/12/2018

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