The Sportsman Weekend - - DOOMBEN A DETAILED FORMGUIDE -

Race 1: Gun­tantes Bumped on jump­ing. Doomben 06/10/2018 Magic Beans Mo­men­tar­ily in­con­ve­nienced and car­ried wider ap­proach­ing the 600m when SOLDATI shifted out­wards. Raced greenly and hung out­wards from the 500m. Doomben 06/10/2018 Soldati Bumped on jump­ing. Shifted out­wards away from the heels of THE CAR­PEN­TER ap­proach­ing the 600m. Doomben 06/10/2018 Buck­ets Of Pride Bumped on jump­ing. But­ton Pusher Laid out­wards near the 150m, re­sult­ing in the rider be­ing obliged to stop rid­ing and straighten her mount. Doomben 06/10/2018 Race 2: Dam Won­der­ful Raced wide through­out. Doomben 29/09/2018 Our Bee­bee Soon af­ter straight­en­ing had to al­ter course to the in­side of BOLD GYPSY in an at­tempt to im­prove. Lost the near fore plate in run­ning. Doomben 07/07/2018 Hearts Lifted Jockey S. Galloway re­ported that soon af­ter the start his right stir­rup be­came en­tan­gled in the horse’s breast­plate, which placed him at a dis­ad­van­tage for some dis­tance. Doomben 23/06/2018 To­lai Meri Be­gan awk­wardly. Raced wide with­out cover over the fi­nal 800m and laid in un­der pres­sure in the straight. Gold Coast 23/06/2018 Race 3: Happy Hooves Jumped away awk­wardly. Raced wide through­out. Doomben 06/10/2018 Um­berto Trainer ques­tioned re­gard­ing the horse set­tling in a more for­ward po­si­tion than at its two most re­cent starts. Re­fer Stew­ards Re­port. Stew­ards noted the ex­pla­na­tion. Ip­swich 02/10/2018 Love And Rock It Bumped at start. Stead­ied to avoid heels when rac­ing keenly near the 450m and shifted out bump­ing an­other run­ner. Ip­swich 02/10/2018 I Like Candy Bumped at start. Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Gold Coast 29/09/2018 An­other Slip­per Ap­proach­ing the 400m held up on the heels of PEDWAY. Raced wide through­out. Gold Coast 03/10/2018 Pa­per Trade In­con­ve­nienced near the 900m. Raced wide. Ip­swich 05/10/2018 Race 4: Rough Ed­die Caught 3 wide with­out cover. Doomben 29/09/2018 Snitch Be­gan awk­wardly. Ip­swich 05/09/2018 So Skilled Jockey M. Mc­Nab re­ported his mount failed to muster suf­fi­cient early speed and was do­ing its best work over the con­clud­ing stages and would be bet­ter suited to races fur­ther than 1200m. Sun­shine Coast 22/09/2018 Deitch Forced three wide pass­ing the 900m and re­mained in that po­si­tion for the re­main­der of the event. Beaudesert 13/04/2018 Dream Kisses Jockey J. Byrne re­ported that his mount failed to run out a strong 1400m. Sun­shine Coast 22/09/2018 Mis­hani Vaidra Slow to be­gin. Near 250m, when lay­ing in, stead­ied from the heels of BEACH DRUM. Raced three wide with­out cover through­out. Gold Coast 26/05/2018 Yeah­nah Bumped shortly af­ter the start. Raced greenly in the early stages. Laid in un­der pres­sure in home straight. Ip­swich 02/10/2018 Mis­ter Spinks Jockey M. McGil­livray re­ported his mount laid out through­out the event. In­con­ve­nienced over con­clud­ing stages. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 Race 5: Forten­sky Slow into stride. Doomben 29/09/2018 Hin­gus Rose Af­ter ar­riv­ing at the track with some lac­er­a­tions to off hind leg, the horse was ex­am­ined by the vet­eri­nary sur­geon and cleared to start. Raced three wide with­out cover through­out. Doomben 06/10/2018 Bel Burgess Rider’s hands and whip be­came en­tan­gled in the horse’s mane shortly af­ter start whilst be­ing rid­den for­ward ag­gres­sively. Shifted in abruptly shortly af­ter the start, crowd­ing run­ners to the in­side and be­came un­bal­anced. Doomben 06/10/2018 Nik­i­tas Hung in dur­ing the home straight. Gold Coast Time to Torque Af­ter pass­ing 1000m im­proved onto heels when over­rac­ing and shifted wider on the track. Sun­shine Coast 22/09/2018 Bal­ius Be­gan awk­wardly. Doomben 29/09/2018 Race 6: Im­pavido Con­nec­tions ad­vised that be­cause of the wide bar­rier draw and the 60.5kg im­post, the horse would be rid­den back in field if cir­cum­stances per­mit. The was ac­cord­ingly. Doomben 06/10/2018 El Cam­peador Bumped heav­ily shortly af­ter the start and in turn bumped ZOFONIC DANCER. Doomben 06/10/2018 Estikhraaj From its wide bar­rier was shifted in be­hind run­ners in the early stages. Kens­ing­ton 01/10/2018 The Ru­mour File Re­strained at start from its wide gate. Doomben 29/09/2018 Fairlight­ing Rider R. Maloney dropped his off­side rein pass­ing the 150m. Doomben 06/10/2018 Monaco Snob Laid out­wards un­der pres­sure over the con­clud­ing stages. Doomben 06/10/2018 Me­te­o­rol­o­gist Slow to be­gin. Gold Coast 03/10/2018 First Stim­u­lus Slow to be­gin. Sun­shine Coast 30/09/2018 Race 7: Im­preg­nable Raced wide in the early and mid­dle stages. In­clined to over­race in the mid­dle stages. Coffs Har­bour 02/10/2018 Wu­dang Blade Be­gan awk­wardly. Gold Coast 06/10/2018 Star of Harada In­clined to over­race in the early and mid­dle stages. Un­able to im­prove ap­proach­ing and round­ing home turn when held up on heels. Bal­lina 30/09/2018 Tru­cu­lent Be­came un­bal­anced whilst over­rac­ing ap­proach­ing the 1100m. Sun­shine Coast 28/09/2018 Pedway Ap­proach­ing the 200m bumped by AN­OTHER SLIP­PER, which shifted out. Raced three wide with­out cover through­out. Gold Coast 03/10/2018 Snitch Be­gan awk­wardly. Ip­swich 05/09/2018 Star Jus­tice Slow to be­gin. Gold Coast 06/10/2018 Race 8: Down­load­ing Ham­pered at the start. Ip­swich 02/10/2018 Fanx When ques­tioned re­gard­ing his rid­ing over the con­clud­ing stages, rider ex­plained that af­ter work­ing hard in the early stages to ob­tain the lead, his mount failed re­spond when placed un­der pres­sure in the home straight, and as he was of view that his mount well beaten he there­fore elected to not pres­sure the geld­ing over the con­clud­ing stages. Vet­ted, no sig­nif­i­cant ab­nor­mal­i­ties. Stew­ards ad­vised rider that in sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances he would be ex­pected to con­tinue rid­ing his mount out the end of the race in fu­ture. Ip­swich 05/10/2018 Foxy Af­fair Slow into stride. Doomben 29/09/2018 Straight Home Rider ques­tioned re tac­tics adopted - stated was not her in­ten­tion to lead how­ever, when caught wide in early stages al­lowed geld­ing to stride for­ward in an ef­fort ob­tain a po­si­tion closer to the fence. Gold Coast 22/09/2018 De­los Bumped at start. Gold Coast 29/09/2018 Korodon Over­raced in early stages when be­ing re­strained to ob­tain cover and sub­se­quently al­lowed to stride for­ward to ob­tain the lead near the 1300m. Gold Coast 03/10/2018 Mym­ming Slow be­gin. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 Nash­ville Sky­line Be­tween the 1000m and 900m was placed in tight run­ning in­side MYSTERIUM, which had been di­rected in by its rider. Whist NASH­VILLE SKY­LINE did not lose sig­nif­i­cant ground this in­ci­dent, the horse did re­ceive tight­en­ing for an ex­tended pe­riod and due to this, stew­ards felt that jockey Spinks, rider of MYSTERIUM, had rid­den in a care­less man­ner and is­sued him with rep­ri­mand for his ac­tions. Held up for clear run­ning from the 400m un­til ap­proach­ing the 100m. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 Sky Lake Dipped on jump­ing and as a re­sult was slow into stride. Doomben 06/10/2018 Sweet Ada­line Ham­pered shortly af­ter the start. 29/09/2018 Miss Sev­e­rina In­con­ve­nienced ap­proach­ing the 400m and was obliged to shift out to avoid the heels of SHEL­TER LADY. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 Ro­man Doll Lost ground when un­der pres­sure leav­ing the 600m. Jockey Cas­sidy re­ported at this stage of the race the horse may have re­sented rac­ing amongst horses and was un­der pres­sure to hold its po­si­tion He added how­ever that his mount re­sponded to his rid­ing af­ter leav­ing the 400m and had dif­fi­culty se­cur­ing clear run­ning be­tween the 300m and 200m. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 Last Light In­clined to pull in the mid­dle stages. Lis­more 20/09/2018 Napoleon’s War L. Cas­sidy re­ported that his mount laid out from the 800m. Doomben 19/09/2018 Prince of Tie Laid out round­ing home turn. Ip­swich 02/10/2018 Tem­pete Rouge Raced very un­gen­er­ously in the early stages with its head in air whilst be­ing re­strained to ob­tain cover, and when pass­ing the 800m was forced wider and obliged steady from heels. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 In­vin­ci­boy Blun­dered near the 1100m. Lis­more 20/09/2018 Queen Gorgo Stew­ards ac­cepted ex­pla­na­tion from trainer M. Webb for the late dec­la­ra­tion of S. Bo­gen­hu­ber as rider for the horse. Blun­dered on jump­ing away. Sun­shine Coast 22/09/2018 Race 9: Shamurt Raced wide. Sun­shine Coast 22/09/2018 She’s Choosie Car­ried in­wards over the con­clud­ing stages when DE­FENCE MIS­SILE hung in­wards. Doomben 06/10/2018 Magic Fox Bumped at the start. Beaudesert 01/10/2018 Desert Digby Checked pass­ing the win­ning post when rac­ing to in­side of SHE’S CHOOSIE. Doomben 06/10/2018 Ima Team­boy Laid in un­der pres­sure in the home straight. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 Red Chase Af­ter be­ing held up round­ing the home turn, had dif­fi­culty se­cur­ing clear run­ning when at­tempt­ing to take a tight run near the 300m and made con­tact with an­other run­ner. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 Light Up the Room Hung in when placed un­der pres­sure over the fi­nal 250m. Doomben 23/06/2018 No Refund Slow to be­gin. Hung out round­ing the home turn. Beaudesert 01/10/2018 Con­quer­more Shortly af­ter start was checked when tight­ened for room and lost ground. Beaudesert 01/10/2018 Eskdale Girl Be­gan awk­wardly.When asked to ex­plain his tac­tics over the fi­nal 200m, Jockey A Spinks was of opin­ion that ESKDALE GIRL not ap­pre­ci­at­ing rac­ing in­side horses and there­fore he al­lowed the filly to shift out into clear run­ning to give it a chance to fin­ish the race off bet­ter. Gold Coast 12/05/2018 Weareten­fortyeight Raced three wide with­out cover through­out. Toowoomba 06/10/2018 Race 10: Voltaire Lu­miere Slow to be­gin. Bal­lina 30/09/2018 Charles the Third Slow into stride. Gold Coast 21/07/2018 Foxy Af­fair Slow into stride. Doomben 29/09/2018 Hid­den Gold Be­gan awk­wardly. Gold Coast 03/10/2018 Star Silk Trainer C. An­der­son was rep­ri­manded for fail­ing to pro­duce the Doc­u­ment of De­scrip­tion for horse. Slow to be­gin. Ap­pren­tice J. Mur­phy re­ported that it was not his in­ten­tion to ride his mount closer to the lead, how­ever af­ter be­gin­ning poorly was obliged to set­tle in the sec­ond half of the field. Sun­shine Coast 07/10/2018 Il Ric­cio Slow to be­gin. Doomben 06/10/2018 In­trin­sic Which was frac­tious in the bar­ri­ers was slow to be­gin. Sun­shine Coast 22/09/2018 Beat the Beast Reared as the start was ef­fected and lost ground. Stead­ied from heels near 500m af­ter at­tempt­ing to im­prove where there was in­suf­fi­cient room. Sun­shine Coast 30/09/2018 Lota Creek Gold Leav­ing the 700m stead­ied when awk­wardly placed at the heels of AG­GRA­VATE, which shifted in. Gold Coast 03/10/2018 Cham­pagne Rock Slow to be­gin. Bal­lina 30/09/2018 Wack’em Blun­dered at the start. Over­raced in the early stages. Gold Coast 03/10/2018 Ken­dall’s Dream Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Noted the mare had sus­tained a lac­er­a­tion to in­side of near fore pastern. Gold Coast 06/10/2018.

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