The Sportsman Weekend - - Chartform -

Race 1: SHIMRANO (GER) Michael Hick­mott 29-SEP-18 MRPK laid in 700m. THE MIGHTY JROD (NZ) Rob­bie Laing 28-NOV-18 SANH Be­gan awk­wardly .Tac­tics queried. EX­ALTED CRAFTS­MAN Grant Young 24-NOV18 MRPK Held up short dis­tance near 400m. Laid out in straight. HENRY THE DOL­PHIN Mark Faust 21-NOV-18 GAWL laid un­der pres­sure. Race 2: BOOTS TARRINGTON Melody Cun­ning­ham 17-NOV-18 DUNK Be­gan awk­wardly. METRO TRAMP Dan Clarken & Oopy MacGil­livray 14-NOV-18 M BR Awk­ward to be­gin, shifted out. CALIPARI Mark Min­ervini 23-MAY-18 CANT Was in­clined lay out for a short dis­tance ap­proach­ing the 500m. 08-MAY-18 NCLE Shifted in on jump­ing. Race 3: YANKEE EYES Dan Clarken & Oopy MacGil­livray 17-NOV-18 MRPK Was con­tacted jump­ing away and raced wide with­out cover through­out. SHARK IN THE WA­TER David & B Hayes & T Dabernig 02-NOV-18 M V Raced wide with­out cover through­out. Brushed on the hindquar­ters pass­ing the 150m. TEN­DERLY Tony McEvoy 01-DEC-18 MRPK RR the filly felt awk­ward in its ac­tion on pulling up. Post-race vet re­vealed NVA. SPLASH SOME CASH David Page 17NOV-18 MRPK Jumped awk­wardly. Raced keenly in early stages. 06NOV-18 MILD Raced keenly in the early and mid­dles stages. Shifted in abruptly pass­ing the 150m and had to be straight­ened. Race 4: BALF’S CHOICE Ryan Bal­four 07-JUL-18 GAWL Rider re­ported that the geld­ing dipped on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions through­out the event. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no vis­i­ble ab­nor­mal­i­ties. HUSSYBAY Mick Huxtable 17-NOV18 MRPK Held up for clear run­ning 400m un­til 300m. Laid out un­der pres­sure in straight. ROYAL RUM­BLE Leon Mac­don­ald & An­drew Gluyas 24-NOV-18 MRPK Slow to be­gin. 07JUL-18 GAWL Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages of the event. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no vis­i­ble ab­nor­mal­i­ties. HIDATSA Ryan Bal­four 21-NOV-18 GAWL laid in un­der pres­sure. RED RAIDER Leon Mac­don­ald & An­drew Gluyas 14-NOV-18 M BR Un­able to ob­tain clear run­ning from shortly after en­trance to straight un­til in­side 100m. Race 5: CULLINGWORTH (IRE) Dar­ren Weir 16-NOV-18 M V Near 1100m bumped. SIN­GLE HANDED Nick Smart 23-NOV-18 TER Held up from the 400m to the 300m. FRANKEL MY DEAR Rob­bie Laing 28-NOV18 SANH Sprawled on jump­ing away 17-NOV-18 CRAN Rider said of dis­ap­point­ing per­for­mance horse would be bet­ter suited to races over fur­ther dis­tance. Trainer ex­plained horse worked keener than he had wished on the Tues­day prior to tonight’s meet­ing and given its per­for­mance, may have had the edge taken off it-added horse was ex­pected to per­form well but agreed it had been dis­ap­point­ing & in­di­cated he may back it up over 1600 me­tres in the com­ing week. A post race vet exam failed to re­veal any ob­vi­ous abs and sam­ple taken. WALTZ­ING WODKA Tony McEvoy 21-NOV-18 GAWL laid out un­der pres­sure. CEN­TRE DIVIDER Ni­cole Brugge­mann 06-NOV-18 MORP Tight­ened at start and lost its po­si­tion. 26-OCT-18 GAWL Slow to be­gin. Race 6: IR­ISH MINT Richard Jolly & Chantelle Jolly 24-NOV-18 MRPK Laid in, in the straight. 03-NOV18 MORP Slow to be­gin. Dif­fi­cultly ob­tain­ing clear ground 300m un­til 100m when awk­wardly placed on heels. Shifted in un­der rid­ing 100m. ZALMONA Peter Blanch 10-NOV-18 MRPK Head turned in gates as re­leased as con­se­quence was awk­ward and slow. Over-raced early and app 1000m im­proved onto heels be­com­ing awk­ward for num­ber of strides and hav­ing to be re­strained. 03-NOV18 MORP Jumped awk­wardly. 150m dis­ap­point­ing when at­tempt­ing tight run. KNOTTED Grant Young 14-NOV18 M BR RR geld­ing felt sore in its off fore­leg dur­ing event. Vet NVA. Race 7: CASINO WIZ­ARD Lee Creek 17-NOV-18 SANH Be­gan awk­wardly. 03-NOV-18 FLEM GLENROWAN PRINCE Kym Hann 11NOV-18 ARAT Raced wide with­out cover for the ma­jor­ity of the event. Rider re­ported this was detri­men­tal to its per­for­mance. Post race Vet exam re­vealed no ob­vi­ous ab­nor­mal­i­ties. PLAT­INUM AN­GEL Dar­ren Weir 06-OCT-18 FLEM Vet re­ported the mare to be dis­tressed and have car­diac ar­rhyth­mia. SO YOU TOO Leon Mac­don­ald & An­drew Gluyas 17NOV-18 MRPK Vet NVA. 03-NOV-18 MORP held up en­trance to straight un­til 200m. ONE MORE DAISY Phillip Stokes 24-NOV-18 MRPK RR mare was dis­ap­point­ing in per­for­mance. Vet NVA. MYS­TI­FIED Ryan Bal­four 24-NOV-18 MRPK Vet NVA. NARIKO Mick Price 31-OCT-18 BDGO Raced wide and with­out cover through­out. Race 8: RHYTHMATIC Jamie Op­per­man 23-NOV-18 NARA Mo­men­tar­ily held up for clear run­ning on en­ter­ing straight. FRENCH ROCK Wayne Fran­cis & Glen Kent 24-NOV18 BRAT Over-raced in the mid­dle stages. 26-OCT-18 GAWL Pre-race vet passed fit. Brushed near 900m. Rider’s opin­ion, the geld­ing pulled up dis­tressed. Post-race NVA. COUNTER SPIN Leon Mac­don­ald & An­drew Gluyas 24-NOV-18 MRPK Laid out in straight. 30-JUN-18 MORP Raced keenly in the early and mid­dle stages of the event. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no vis­i­ble ab­nor­mal­i­ties. TRIPLE DEEZ Dar­ren Ma­gro 20-OCT-18 MORP Had dif­fi­culty ob­tain­ing clear ground from the vicin­ity of the 500 me­tres un­til near the 300 me­tres. CHAROSSA Gor­don Richards 24-NOV-18 MRPK 800m got its head up and raced un­gen­er­ously for a num­ber of strides. 02JUN-18 MRPK Ap­proach­ing the 1000 me­tres was tight­ened by AN­CIENT ECHOES, which laid in and shifted in and clipped the heels of that run­ner, was ham­pered and stum­bled. Held up for clear run­ning from shortly after the en­trance to the straight when rac­ing be­hind MITRUST and AN­CIENT ECHOES and was only able to ob­tain clear run­ning in­side the 200 me­tres. DAN­GER DEAL Leon Mac­don­ald & An­drew Gluyas 30-JUN-18 MORP Laid in un­der pres­sure in the straight. In the vicin­ity of 200 me­tres shifted in onto OH MO, which was tight­ened MO­DU­LATE. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed the geld­ing to be lame in the off fore­leg. Trainer ad­vised a Vet­eri­nary Cer­tifi­cate of Fit­ness would be re­quired prior to pre­sent­ing the horse for a fu­ture trial or race. 16JUN-18 MORP Rolled in near the 100 me­tres con­tacted HELCRIMSON and had its hindquar­ters turned was ham­pered. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion re­vealed no vis­i­ble ab­nor­mal­i­ties. PALE ALE Danielle Wil­son 24-NOV-18 MRPK 1000m had to be mo­men­tar­ily stead­ied. Vet NVA. 10-NOV-18 MRPK Over-raced early. FRANCE’S BOY John Hick­mott 24NOV-18 MRPK Awk­ward to be­gin. Con­tacted near en­trance straight. Vet NVA. MAXSAMIA Ni­cole Brugge­mann 08-NOV-18 GAWL Jumped away awk­wardly. 24-OCT-18 OAKB Con­tacted on jump­ing away. Pos­trace vet exam re­vealed NVA.

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