The Sportsman Weekend - - Randwick Kensington -

Race 1: 6 NAMIMO 15/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Near the 800m was stead­ied when crowded be­tween run­ners. 10 IS­LANDS 12/12/2018 Wy­ong Slow to be­gin. 11 UN­DER­WOOD 22/12/2018 Ea­gle Farm Be­gan awk­wardly. Raced greenly through­out. Bumped with COUN­TRY COCK­TAIL en­ter­ing the home straight. Race 2: 1 MALAISE 25/08/2018 Moonee Val­ley Vets- no abs. 3 BOLERO KING 2/06/2018 Rose­hill Gar­dens Shifted out on jump­ing. 4 SUS­PENSE 8/12/2018 Rac­ing.com Park R- felt short in its ac­tion. Vets- no abs. 5 MAPMAKER 8/12/2018 Rose­hill Gar­dens On straight­en­ing was held up on the heels of rnr & near the 350m was stead­ied when dis­ap­pointed for clear run­ning be­tween rnrs. Geld then held up for clear run­ning un­til near the 200m. 6 IN­TU­ITION 22/12/2018 War­wick Farm Over the fi­nal 200m raced in re­stricted room be­tween run­ners. 7 ALL TOO ROYAL 21/12/2018 Kens­ing­ton Shifted in on jump­ing & bumped with an­other run­ner.

Race 3: 1 LA SCOPA 22/12/2018 Ea­gle Farm Be­gan awk­wardly. Laid in un­der pres­sure over the fi­nal 200m. 2 EL­E­GANT ELLEN 23/12/2018 Moruya Bumped on jump­ing. 6 DUTCHESSE MOSHE 6/07/2018 Goul­burn Re perf rdr stated mount did not travel at any stage of the event, laid in in the straight and did re­spond to his rid­ing. A pos­trace vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion of the filly did not re­veal any ab­nor­mal­ity. Co-trainer could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for the per­for­mance, un­der­took to re­port on any con­di­tion which may be­come ap­par­ent, but ad­vised that the filly would now be spelled. 9 TE ATA 28/12/2018 Can­berra Slow to be­gin. 12 ZARDORO 23/12/2018 Moruya Slow to be­gin. Laid in in the straight. 13e CAR­RUTHERS 29/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick In­side the 300m was stead­ied when disap for clear run­ning be­tween run­ners. Was then shifted to the ou­side to find run­ning. 14e ZUZZUDIO 28/12/2018 Can­berra Raced wide through­out. Race 4: 2 BOTTI (NZ) 27/10/2018 Moonee Val­ley Com­menced awk­wardly. 4 ABOVE AND BEYOND 26/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Bumped on jump­ing. Shifted out on the home turn. 5 SILENT EX­PLORER 17/10/2018 Caulfield Raced wide and with­out cover through­out. Weak­ened and hung in from the 300. Rdr could of­fer no ex­pla­na­tion for poor per­for­mance how­ever added horse would ben­e­fit from the ex­pe­ri­ence of the anti-clock­wise di­rec­tion rac­ing. Post race vet exam re­vealed no abs. 6 A MIL­LION DREAMS (NZ) 21/12/2018 Kens­ing­ton Shortly af­ter start shifted out & made con­tact with an­other run­ner. 7 LJUNG­BERG 14/12/2018 Can­ter­bury Park Bumped on jump­ing. Raced wide & with­out cover af­ter the 800m. 9 SURE KNEE 22/12/2018 War­wick Farm COT - To set­tle in a mid­field po­si­tion; set­tled on pace. Af­ter im­prov­ing to the in­side of an­other run­ner near 600m was stead­ied when briefly crowded. 10 NINDAMOS 12/12/2018 Wy­ong Knuck­led on jump­ing, then shortly af­ter made heavy con­tact with an­other run­ner & as a re­sult lost ground. 12 MIMIC 13/12/2018 Coffs Har­bour Be­gan awk­wardly. Held up in the early part of the straight & un­able to im­prove un­til ap­proach­ing the 200m. 13e COURU 20/12/2018 Goul­burn Be­gan awk­wardly. Raced wide un­til pass­ing the 800m. greenly in the early part of the straight and shifted out abruptly af­ter be­ing cor­rected by its rider.

Race 5: 2 CHARLAYNE 15/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Was rid­den con­ser­va­tively in the early stages. Raced keenly mid­dle 3 HAR­MAT­TAN 22/09/2018 Caulfield Near 1500 stead­ied off heels. Rider re­ported mare felt amiss in home straight. Post vet - slow re­cov­ery. 6 KAWAIKINI 29/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Over­raced in the mid­dle stages 7 SPAN­ISH DREAM 19/12/2018 Wy­ong When qst re mare set­tling off pace, rdr std, was not is­sued any in­str, how­ever, an­tic mount would set­tle promi­nently. Added af­ter be­gin­ning well he was re­luc­tant to pres­sure mount in early stgs obt a fwd pos, as it had been quite strong in its pre­lim. Fur­ther std when sev­eral rnr’s that were drawn to his in­side showed su­pe­rior speed in early stgs & in­tent to race fwd, he was able to shift his mount across & obt a pos with cvr, al­beit fur­ther back than in­tended. 9 WITCHES 21/12/2018 Kens­ing­ton Bumped on jump­ing.

Race 6: 4 RE­GENT 15/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Shifted in shortly af­ter the start. 5 PO­ETIC CHARMER 5/12/2018 War­wick Farm Be­gan fairly, was then shifted be­hind run­ners in the early stages to ob­tain a po­si­tion be­hind mid­field with cover. 6 SILENT GENERAL 7/12/2018 Moonee Val­ley Bumped on jump­ing. Eased off heels near 600m. 8 ZI­DANE 26/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Af­ter im­prov­ing into a nar­row run be­tween run­ners near the 350m, was then ham­pered when bumped by an­other run­ner ap­proach­ing the 250m. 9 SKYRAY 22/12/2018 War­wick Farm Shifted in be­hind run­ners in early stages. Race 7: 3 EM­PEROR’S WAY 15/09/2018 Royal Rand­wick Near the 150m had to be se­verely checked when crowded be­tween run­ners. 4 SIR BAC­CHUS 22/12/2018 War­wick Farm Slow to be­gin. 5 SIR PLUSH (NZ) 29/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick COT - To be rid­den fur­ther for­ward with op­tion to lead; led. When qst re rid­ing, rdr std as no­ti­fied op­tion to lead if pos & af­ter com­menc­ing well, rode mount fwd in ac­cor­dance with in­str when ob­served an­other rider rid­ing to hold fwd pos, he elected to al­low his mount to cont to stride fwd with view to cross­ing the lead. Added de­ci­sion do this was in­flu­enced by his pre­vi­ous ex­pe­ri­ence on mount had dis­aplayed ten­dency to race keenly when re­str in early stgs. Fur­ther std af­ter obt lead mount trav strongly be­fore be­ing able to fin­ish race off rea­son­ably well. 8 NEW UNI­VERSE (NZ) 29/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Slow to be­gin. Stead­ied near the 800m. 10 THE GET­AWAY 22/12/2018 War­wick Farm On jump­ing was ham­pered when crowded be­tween run­ners.

Race 8: 2 IN­VIN­CI­BLE QUEST 7/02/2018 Royal Rand­wick Com­menced to buck af­ter the start & took no com­pet­i­tive part in race. Trn was ad­vised geld­ing would be re­quired to trial to Stew­ards sat­is­fac­tion prior rac­ing again. Tri­alled since. 3 REVENIRE 22/12/2018 War­wick Farm From its wide bar­rier was shifted be­hind run­ners in the early stages. 5 DARKTOWN STRUT­TER 15/09/2018 Doomben Shifted in shortly af­ter start mak­ing con­tact with TISANI TOMSO. Stead­ied out away from heels near 800m. 6 RAIDEN 28/07/2018 Doomben Slow to be­gin. Over­raced in the early stages. 7 DIF­FI­CULT TO GET 22/12/2018 War­wick Farm On straight­en­ing was stead­ied & shifted to the out­side of an­other run­ner ob­tain clear run­ning. 8 REBEL MISS 18/08/2018 Gold Coast Ham­pered at the start when tight­ened for room. 9 WANNA GET A WHAT 12/08/2018 Wagga Rider ex­plained he had been in­structed to go for­ward but from a wide bar­rier was un­able to cross run­ners to his in­side. He added as re­sult of the hard run un­der a big weight geld­ing did not run on in the straight. Trainer stated he would now give the a short let up. A post-race vet­eri­nary ex­am­i­na­tion did not de­tect any ab­nor­mal­i­ties. 11 SEI STELLA 15/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Shifted out shortly af­ter the start. 12 LE DEJEUNER 18/08/2018 Kem­bla Grange Made con­tact with an­other rnr on jump­ing. Race 9: 1 COONAWARRA 22/12/2018 War­wick Farm Post race vet rev no abs. 2 PLY­MOUTH ROAD (NZ) 7/07/2018 Royal Rand­wick Rdr std mount was un­able to lead to­day, how­ever, trav sat­is­fac­to­rily be­hind an­other rnr un­til appr the h/t. Added was still con­fi­dent mount would per­form com­pet­i­tively at this time, how­ever, geld blun­dered on sev­eral oc­ca­sions af­ter the 450m, be­came un­bal­anced & weak­ened con­sid­er­ably in the run home. Post race vet rev no abs. To trial. Tri­alled since. 6 DAWN RAID 22/12/2018 New­cas­tle Raced wide & with­out cover un­til near the 800m, where it as­sumed a po­si­tion out­side the leader. 7 OUR BELISA 15/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Slow to be­gin (3L). Near the 1000m when rac­ing keenly was stead­ied from the heels. Ap­proach­ing the 600m was checked to avoid heels. 10 TAHSIN (NZ) 26/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick When be­ing rid­den out near the 200m, shifted out abruptly re­sult­ing in its rider hav­ing to stop rid­ing and straighten. 11 SU­PER STAR BOB 15/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick COT - To be rid­den fur­ther back; set­tled mid­field. For some dis­tance ap­proach­ing the 600m raced tight to the in­side of an­other run­ner & when pace stead­ied be­came crowded be­tween run­ners. Post race vet rev no abs. 12 MER­CU­RIAL LAD 15/12/2018 Royal Rand­wick Raced wide and with­out cover through­out the race. 14 WEEK­END AF­FAIR 14/12/2018 Can­ter­bury Park Near the 200m had been badly held up, was checked to avoid heels of an­other run­ner. Rdr std leav­ing 500m she ob­served an­other rnr was un­der pres­sure to main­tain its pos & she feld that rnr would not pro­vide her with a fav trail into event, there­fore, elected at 400m to shift to the out­side of heels of rnr in an en­deav­our to obt clear run­ning, how­ever, when a num­ber of rnr’s then main­tained their po­si­tions, she was held up un­til appr 150m. Added in ret­ro­spect, she should have main­tained her pos along run­ning rail which would have pro­vided her with an un­in­ter­rupted run­ning to win­ning post.

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