The Sportsman Weekend



Race 1: MAHAMEDEIS Nick Ryan 21-AUG-21 M V Tightened for room shortly after the start. BEDFORD (NZ) Anthony & Sam Freedman 31-JUL-21 M V Began awkwardly, slow into stride and lost ground. 26-JUN-21 CAUL Slow to begin. Rider reported it raced flat failed to respond when placed under pressure. Vet a degree of EIPH which may have affected its performanc­e. TOORADIN Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 07-AUG-21 FLEM Commenced awkwardly. 10JUL-21 CAUL Bumped & taken out off its course app. 500m. HEIR TO THE THRONE (NZ) Andrea Leek 31-JUL-21 M V Began awkwardly, lost ground. NERVE NOT VERVE (NZ) Michael Moroney 21-AUG-21 M V Raced keenly in the middle stages.

Race 2: HIGH COST Andrew Homann 14-AUG-21 CAUL Raced three wide without cover. THE GAUCH Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 29-MAY-21 CAUL Began awkwardly. TONY NICCONI Ben JD Hayes 10-JUL-21 Held up for clear running 200m-100m. ZORRO’S DREAM Mitchell Freedman 07-AUG21 FLEM Commenced awkwardly. DEEP SPEED Tony & Calvin McEvoy 07-AUG-21 FLEM Commenced awkwardly. HE’S A BALTER Will Clarken 31-JUL-21 MORP Stewards questioned rider into the tactics adopted in this event in particular that he had not presented and placed the gelding under pressure until in vicinity of the 200 metres. K. Zechner advised that he had been instructed that HE’S A BALTER only has a short sprint and to not present it too early in the event. Trainer, Mr. W. Clarken confirmed the instructio­ns. 03-JUL-21 MUBR Slow to begin. Shifted ground inwards when placed under pressure in the straight. OUR WIND SPIRIT (NZ) Lindsey Smith 16-JUL-21 GEEL Slow to begin. Raced wide without cover. ENFLEURAGE James Cummings 07-AUG-21 RAND Rdr advised intention was to obtain position behind the lead. Std when expected leader elected take a sit, he was obliged to allow mnt to stride forward to share lead rather than racing three wide. Added which was resuming today was not suited by being ridden in this position and as such failed to finish off race. Rdr opined mnt would be better suited racing with cover. A post-race vet exam rev no abs. MISS INBETWEEN Michael Mehegan 17-APR-21 CAUL Held up for clear running from the 400m until passing the 250m. DIRTY THOUGHTS

Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra 31JUL-21 MORP Laid in under pressure in the straight.

Race 3: ANNAVISTO (NZ) Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr) 24-APR-21 MRPK Contacted on jumping away. LUNAKORN Anthony & Sam Freedman 01-MAY-21 MORP Co-trainer advised Stewards of a change of tactics - more forward position, settled midfield. Near 1400m got its head up when being restrained when racing inside the heels of another rnr. Shortly after entrance to straight became held up as a run closed owing to both these horses shifting ground slightly. 200m LUNAKORN shifted the outside of another rnr in an attempt to obtain clear running. Contacted another rnr taking that horse a little wider and establishi­ng a tight run however shortly thereafter was unable to continue to improve into that run. NEED NEW FRIENDS Danny O’Brien 27-MAR-21 BDGO Severely checked when crowded near the winning post. TURAATH (GB) Maddie Raymond 07-AUG-21 FLEM Commenced awkwardly.

Race 4: ARTORIUS Anthony & Sam Freedman 27-MAR-21 RHIL After being slow to begin was shifted behind rnrs in the early stages from its wide barrier. Rdr reported the colt hung out badly throughout event and proved difficult to ride. Added when under pressure in the straight his mnt raced greenly and when finishing the race off became awkwardly placed on heels near the 150m before securing clear running at the 75m. GENERAL BEAU Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra 20-FEB-21 CAUL Began awkwardly and was then bumped. LIGHTSABER Peter G Moody 14-AUG21 CAUL Weakened from the 150m. Rider reported the colt would benefit from the run. Rider reported he had been given no firm instructio­ns and, in early stages, he was reluctant to urge his mount along to settle outside the leader, bearing in mind the colt is better suited over more ground. He therefore elected to maintain his position in the hope that he may be able to obtain a position one off the fence. He added that he was unable to do so and travelled three wide, although comfortabl­y, through the early and middle stages. Post race vet exam OK. MR MOZART Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes 14-AUG-21 CAUL Near the 600m when overracing had to be steadied away from heels. ZERELLE Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young 18AUG-21 SANH Began awkwardly. Got its head up when racing keenly in the early stages. Near the 1200 metres steadied tightened for room. BRUCKNER Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 01-AUG-21 K GR Shifted ground under pressure from the 250m. HERESY James Cummings 14-AUG21 CAUL Raced wide without cover. Raced keenly in the early and middle stages. 15-MAY-21 MORP Raced keenly early stages.

Race 5: MASKED CRUSADER Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes 24APR-21 RAND Crowded on jumping. Shifted behind rnrs in the early stages. POLAND Michael Moroney 10-APR-21 RAND Near the 300m was buffeted between rnrs and as a result made contact with those other rnrs and became unbalanced. When questioned re riding more conservati­vely today, rdr stated his instructio­ns were not to place pressure on his mount in the early stages as it raced too keenly lead at its last start. He said that from its wide barrier, when the pace of the event was good in early stages, his mount settled a mid-field position where it able to race comfortabl­y. CROSSHAVEN Ben & JD Hayes 20FEB-21 CAUL Began awkwardly. Rider reported after beginning awkwardly, in his opinion then did too much work early and failed to respond to his riding in the straight. A post-race veterinary examinatio­n failed reveal any obvious abnormalit­y. VIRIDINE James Cummings 07-AUG-21 RAND Slow to begin. 24-JUL-21 CAUL Laid out throughout and raced wide and without cover. AMISH BOY Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 19-JUN-21 IPSW Had difficulty obtaining clear running from the 400m to the 100m. PREZADO Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra 27FEB-21 FLEM Slow to begin. Raced keenly through the early and middle stages. Disappoint­ing. Rider Jamie Kah could offer no explanatio­n for the performanc­e. A post race veterinary examinatio­n failed to reveal any abnormalit­ies. Stewards will follow up with the stable 26-JAN-21 CAUL Slow to begin. SPACEBOY Gary Portelli 31JUL-21 RAND Bounded on jumping. YES BABY YES Leon & Troy Corstens 06-MAR-21 FLEM post‑race veterinary examinatio­n failed to reveal any abnormalit­ies. 20-FEB-21 CAUL COT: To be ridden more forward; settled outside the leader. KALKARNI ROYALE Kevin Corstens 17JUL-21 FLEM Began awkwardly.

Race 6: LA MEXICANA Anthony & Sam Freedman 14-AUG-21 CAUL Near the 600m when racing in restricted room had to be checked when tightened for room. 24-JUL-21 CAUL Vet exam prior race and was passed fit to start. Eased off heels near the 600m. Laid in over the concluding stages. RICH HIPS Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young 17-APR-21 RAND From the wide barrier was shifted behind rnrs in the early stages. PARLOPHONE Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr) 14AUG-21 CAUL Laid in under pressure in the straight. 31-JUL-21 MORP Laid

under pressure the straight. Race 7: DELPHI (IRE) Anthony & Sam Freedman 12-JUN-21 E FM Raced three wide without cover throughout. ROSTROPOVI­CH (IRE) Ben & JD Hayes 14-AUG-21 CAUL Slow to begin. 25-APR-21 FLEM ZIEGFELD (GB) James Cummings 14AUG-21 K GR Rider reported the mnt enjoyed a comfortabl­e run in lead but became one paced straight when asked for an effort. A post-race vet exam rev a slow post-race recovery. TRALEE ROSE (NZ) Symon Wilde 08-MAR-21 MORP A veterinary examinatio­n revealed the mare to have a poor respirator­y and cardiac recovery. SCOTTISH DANCER Andrew Bobbin 07-AUG-21 FLEM Raced wide from the 1000m. Brushed out off its course near the 400m and eased near 250m. Rider reported it was the intention to settle closer however with cover. He added he was unable to gain cover and settled than intended which was to its disadvanta­ge. Vet reported no abnormalit­ies. .Follow up - race not tactically suited, will train on. 10-JUL-21 CAUL Slow to begin. ARTY LUCAS Simone Ferchie 20-JUN-20 FLEM Raced keenly in the middle stages. KINANE (NZ) Michael Kent 07-AUG-21 FLEM Slow to begin. Rider reported he was held up from the 500m until the 400m and again for a few strides near 200m. 17-JUL-21 FLEM Disapp. perf. R- did not appreciate racing inside other horses. Vets- EIPH. BARBIE’S FOX Louise Bonella 21-JUL-21 SANL When questioned re tactics adopted, Rdr explained after jumping away well and being up in distance, he found himself further forward than anticipate­d.

Race 8: BEHEMOTH David Jolly 14-AUG-21 MORP Approachin­g the 100 metres after initially shifting in slightly, had to be steadied and alter course to the outside of another runner.

Gained race on protest. STREETS OF AVALON Shane Nichols 14-AUG21 CAUL Weakened from the 250m. A post‑race veterinary examinatio­n revealed the gelding to be lame in the near foreleg. A clearance will be required prior racing again. ARCHEDEMUS Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes 14-AUG-21 CAUL Raced three wide without cover in the early stages. RED CAN MAN David Brideoake 14-AUG-21 CAUL Raced three wide without cover from the 800m. SANSOM (NZ) Phillip Stokes 14-AUG-21 CAUL When the pace slackened passing the 900m commenced to overrace and had to be steadied off heels. Passing 800m, when continuing to overrace, shifted out and made contact with another runner. Weakened from the 200m. Rider reported the gelding overraced and for this reason was unable to run the race out. A post‑race veterinary examinatio­n failed reveal any abnormalit­ies. 24-JUL-21 CAUL COT - To be ridden with cover - Settled midfield. AEGON (NZ) Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman 10-APR-21 RAND Held up for clear running rounding the home turn and until near the 300m where it was steadied from heels. The gelding then was shifted back to the inside but did not secure clear running until near the 200m. A post-race vet exam revealed no abs. BEAU ROSSA Will Clarken 14-AUG-21 MORP Shifted out under pressure over the last 100 metres. Relegated to second, on protest. COLETTE James Cummings 17-APR-21 RAND From the widest barrier was shifted behind rnrs in the early stages. TOFANE (NZ) Michael Moroney 26-JUN-21 E FM Awkwardly placed on the heels of MITZY near the 1200m. 12-JUN-21 Raced three wide with cover throughout. SIERRA SUE (NZ) Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young 23-JUL-21 MILD Slow to begin.

Race 9: GROUNDSWEL­L Anthony & Sam Freedman 07-AUG-21 FLEM Commenced awkwardly. GAULOIS James Cummings 14-AUG-21 K GR Shifted out on jumping. Had difficulty obtaining clear running for a short distance near the 350m. 24-JUL-21 RHIL Shortly after start shifted out and made contact with another runner. FROSTY ROCKS Bjorn Baker 14-AUG21 K GR Rdr permitted to ride mnt 1kg over its allotted weight. Began awkwardly then hampered by another rnr. KING OF HASTINGS Anthony & Sam Freedman 07-AUG-21 FLEM

Tightened for room on jumping away. Eased down. Rider stated it over raced and failed to finish off. Vet reported no abnormalit­ies. Follow up - pulled up well, considerin­g the remainder of this campaign. OUTRAGEOUS Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes 20MAR-21 MORN Eased off heels near the 500m. MILFORD (NZ) Michael Moroney 10-APR-21 RAND Began awkwardly and made contact with runner. Raced wide and without cover for the majority of the event. 27-MAR21 RHIL Making home turn and in the early part of the straight hung out and raced ungenerous­ly. Near the 350m was eased from heels. REGARDSMAR­EE Nick Ryan 07-AUG-21 FLEM Rider reported he was satisfied with the first up performanc­e. Vet reported no abnormalit­ies. 07-MAR-21 ECHA Bounded on jumping. Raced wide without cover from the 600m. Rider reported that after bounding at the start the gelding settled further back than intended and this was detrimenta­l to its chances today.Vet - lame near foreleg. KING MAGNUS Robbie Griffiths & Mathew de Kock 07-AUG21 FLEM Began awkwardly, making contact with the right-hand starting gate. Passing 1200m steadied when racing in a three-wide position before then restrainin­g to take up a position one off the rail. The rider advised that due to this, she ended pair further back than preferred. She added she attempted to maintain cover from the 500m for as long as possible before then shifting out near the 350m to allow the gelding to run home strongly. 24-JUL-21 CAUL Held up for clear running from the 300m until near the 150m. ADELAIDE ACE (NZ) Lindsey Smith 17-JUL-21 FLEM COT- more fwd. Settled outside leader. Weakened from 300m. R- travelled well through early stages however was under pressure a long way from home & failed to finish off. Appreciate­s races spaced. Vets- no abs. DJUKON (GB) Chris Waller 23-JAN-21 SANH C/O/T-find cover with blinkers off. Settled towards the rear of the field. Held up for a short distance approachin­g and passing 200m 01-JAN-21 FLEM Over-raced in the early and middle stages. Weakened from the 400m. RR after being wide, he improved to obtain the lead, however gelding over-raced and in his opinion may be better suited with the removal of the blinkers.

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