The Sunday Mail (Queensland)



QUEENSLAND drivers are the biggest dipsticks in the nation with more than any other state admitting to driving death trap cars in a bid to save a dollar.

And half the population who drive more advanced automated vehicles are so clueless they think the car looks after itself – never checking basics such as oil, water or tyre pressure until a warning flashes on the dash.

The deadly combinatio­n of ignorance and pennypinch­ing is highlighte­d in exclusive data released today.

“In an age when our roads are saturated with vehicles, it is worrying that the majority of car owners simply do not care about their own safety or that of other drivers on the roads,” Australian Road Safety Foundation CEO Russell White said.

The research commission­ed ahead of Tread Safely Week’s east coast roadshow, which kicks off in Queensland today, reveals 55 per cent of drivers admit to driving on unsafe tyres due to lack of m money, lack of time a and lack of concern.

Women’s attit tudes to driving safety fared slightly better than men, they scored significan­tly lower in mecha anical knowledge.

Nicola Watkins (pictured), 21, from Hendra, services her c car every six months. “I am no expert but I do know where water and oil goes. I have never changed a tyre but think I could if I had to,” she said.

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