The Sunday Mail (Queensland)

No.1 fan about to get earful of the Wiggles


STARSTRUCK Zoe Kronk is the Wiggles’ biggest fan but hasn’t heard them sing.

The three-year-old (pictured with brother Xavier) has been dressing as her favourite yellow Wiggle Emma for the past 25 weeks.

But because of a hearing impairment, the tot has never properly been able to hear them sing despite attending three live concerts.

“At one of the concerts they even called out ‘Hello’ to Zoe because they knew she was such a big fan,” said mum Melanie. “But Zoe was blank.”

After a recent middle-ear operation, the Sunshine Coast girl will tomorrow attend her fourth Wiggles concert at Dreamworld and meet the group after winning a competitio­n.

“This will be the first time she will be actually hearing them,” Ms Kronk said.

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