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Dr Deborah Mooney is the founder and director of the Gold Coast Specialist Bereavemen­t Service. She started the organisati­on in 1993 as a pro-bono agency but it has since developed into a small business. Dr Mooney, an expert in nursing, has almost 40 years’ worth of training in the field of grief counsellin­g and is one of three Australian­s to achieve the status of Fellow in Thanatolog­y, the study of death and bereavemen­t.


Mark McDonnell is a mental health nurse who cares for dementia patients and the elderly and has been recognised for his charity work at West End. He has also been awarded a Queensland Police Credit Union Local Hero award for his work with his homeless charity, Community Friends. He rented out his apartment to homeless people at a very low rate about four years ago. Community Friends provided 55,000 meals for the homeless at West End. He is also a patient ear for the people he helps.


Ruth Jebb, a clinical nurse consultant at Princess Alexandra Hospital’s emergency department, is a Red Cross aid worker who has b been on 10 internatio­nal missions in the past 12 years. Ruth was selected to coordinate the community health response in Nepal following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that killed more than 8000 people on April 25. Just after she arrived in Kathmandu, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck, causing more widespread devastatio­n.

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