The Sunday Mail (Queensland)




PREMIER A-Pal also is dragging her feet over the future of the Yamanto police call centre

she inspected in July. Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller wants it closed. Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale needs it for his

CCTV network. PREMIER Anna Paralysis must think her loyal public servants are out on the grog getting paralytic during lunch. George St grapevine says any week now Queensland public servants will need dispensati­ons to accept corporate invitation­s. Not a direct grog ban but you get the drift. “No’’ to footy invitation­s, with public service socialisin­g restricted to “learning’’ events.

Attempts by previous government­s to enforce grog bans failed. The public service club (William St) did a roaring trade in that pre-mobile phone era. XXXX even invented midstrengt­h Gold to ensure staff could return to work without injury or falling asleep. The Premier will quickly learn about her re-election chances by the way the edict is observed. In the meantime, her “paralysed’’ staff should visit the pub more often. They may be inspired to fill those remaining vacancies for Directors-General.

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