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Reporter’s dad joins gun fight


ROANOKE: Andy Parker’s resolve to fight for gun control formed in the hours after his daughter was shot and killed on live television in the US.

In his first interviews after the tragedy, he briefly mentioned the issue as he eulogised Alison. Yesterday, he was pledging a full-scale fight for tougher gun laws.

‘‘This will be my mission,” he said on national TV.

Mr Parker is starting his battle in unforgivin­g territory. Gun ownership is part of the fabric of southern states like Virginia. “I’ve got to do something going forward that makes her life meaningful. And this is the way to do it,” Mr Parker said.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a gun owner, has promised to help fight for stronger background checks for gun buyers. “There are too many guns in America and there are clearly too many guns in the wrong hands,” Mr McAuliffe said yesterday.

Yet it was unclear what measures would have prevented Vester Flanagan from buying the gun he used to kill reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward as they conducted a live interview on air.

With no apparent criminal record or other disqualify­ing incidents in his past, Flanagan passed a background check to buy his weapon.

 ??  ?? LAW OF GUN: Alison Parker’s last moments. Picture: AFP
LAW OF GUN: Alison Parker’s last moments. Picture: AFP

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