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KANDANGA KANDANGA, a tiny tow town i in regional Queensland, is usually home to fewer than 1000 people.

But on the day we arrive, the main street is full of activity. Director and writer Chris Sun’s latest project, Boar, is being filmed here and Sunday Confidenti­al was granted a look behind the scenes.

A horror movie about a giant boar terrorisin­g a small town, the film boasts an incredible cast. On this day Hugh Sheridan, Simone Buchanan, Ernie Dingo,

Bill Moseley and Christie-Lee Britten act out a scene in front of the town’s post office.

At the Kandanga pub, a short hort walk up the road, locals peer r out the windows at the action. But they don’t need to look far to spot a star.

John Jarratt and Melissaa Tkautz are there taking a break between scenes and are re more than happy to chat to the he colourful locals.

Sun has made the most of the town’s residents, with a few landing roles as extras.

Buchanan said she jumped at the chance to act in Boar.

“Chris approached me about ut the role and I told him I would love to read the script,” she said.d . “I loved it straight away. It is a really cool, Aussie, dinky-di cast st and I think it was so clever of Chris to cast it that way.” But it hasn’t all been easy, with strenuous all-night shoots essential to capture some of the film’s more frightenin­g moments. Clearly the cast and crew have found their rhythm, and all the actors praise Sun’s efforts. It’s little surprise then that some of the actors from his last feature, Charlie’s Farm, also feature in Boar, including Moseley and Nathan Jones.

“Chris is an amazing director and we also have a wonderful crew,” Buchanan said. Boar will be released in 2016.

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