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1 Did Facebook reach a milestone 10 million, one billion or two billion users logged on in a single day this week? 2 Name the Australian band that recently released the album, Beautiful You. 3 The Spanish city Valencia is beside the Mediterran­ean Sea. True or false? 4 Was Calvin Coolidge the 30th, 31st or 33rd US president? 5 Abba singer Agnetha Faltskog was born in England. True or false? 6 Name the capital of Costa Rica. 7 The Tijuca Forest is in which city? 8 Birdsville is in Queensland. True or false? 9 “Benny” is the nickname of which National Rugby League coach? 10 Olympian Brad Cooper represente­d Australia in which sport? 11 Who composed The Tales of Hoffmann? 12 Name the youngest child of Homer Simpson. 13 Name the colour of the star on the flag of Texas. 14 The port of Yokohama is on which ocean? 15 Natalie Portman (pictured) won a Best Actress Oscar for her role in which film? 16 John Bonham played which instrument in rock band Led Zeppelin? 17 The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize in what year? 18 Ilie Nastase is a former champion of what sport? 19 Name the lead singer of The Stooges. 20 Who is the Premier (pictured) of Western Australia? 21 Name the singer of the theme song of the film, What’s New Pussycat? 22 Did Nicolae Paulescu discover radiation, radio waves or insulin? 23 Iguanas are herbivorou­s birds. True or false? 24 Was Bob Marley noted for jazz, punk or reggae music? 25 George Foreman is a former champion of what sport? 26 Name the director of the film, Mary Poppins. 27 Matteo Renzi is the Prime Minister of which country? 28 Name the prime minister who was born in Bathurst on September 22,1885. 29 Oscar winner actor Kate Winslet was born in England. True or false? 30 Is Sylvie Guillem a noted ballet dancer, surfer or long distance swimmer? 31 Tegucigalp­a is in which country? 32 Semi Radradra plays for which NRL club? 33 “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” is a line from which 1960s TV series? 34 The Coonawarra wine region is in which Australian state or territory? 35 Name the pioneering Brisbane band that recorded the 1992 album Drift. 36 Name the 1960s TV series which featured the character Uncle Fester. 37 Did Steven King, Ernest Hemingway or Damien Oliver ride Let’s Elope to win the 1991 Melbourne Cup? 38 Name the US president who said: “Let us never negotiate out of fear but let us never fear to negotiate.” 39 What does BHP, in BHP Billiton, stand for? 40 The Pioneer River is in Queensland. True or false?

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