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STAN PRICKETT FROM PADDINGTON ANTIQUE CENTRE (PADDINGTON­ANTIQUE CENTRE.COM.AU) ASSESSES THE VALUE OF READERS’ KEEPSAKES COULD you please tell me if this is a teapot and its approximat­e value? I found it in an op shop and they could not tell what it was. The dimensions are: length (from tip of the spout to handle edge) 25cm, width 12cm and height 18cm. It has no markings and is in perfect condition.

R. Wojcik It is what’s calledalle­d a Cardogan teapot, madee in China, but earlier versionson­s were made inn England. It is s modern and of little value. ALONG with a bunch of other coins kept in a tin can and found in a wall space, I found this in the late 1980s when my father was disassembl­ing a shed in Melbourne. Where is it from, what is its significan­ce, and does it have any value?


Des The m medal was made by Stok Stokes, Melb Melbourne, Austr Australia, celebratin­gcelebra the allies’ victoryvic in WWII. The medal was given to schoolchil­drenschoo in 1945 and it has a valuevalu of about $15.$15 I DO NOT know what this is made of. It is more than 100 years old and has been called a calligraph­y brush pot. I would like to know its origin or value.

C. Tooth Your brush pot is Chinese and made of soapstone. Soapstone is a relatively soft rock mostly comprised of talc and used extensivel­y by the Chinese for carving due to its softness. Your pot may be 100 years old but more likely dates to about the 1930s. You didn’t give me a size or condition so it’s impossible to give you an accurate value, but it would be less than $100 if in good condition. Email your question for Stan and a JPEG of the item (between 350kb and 1mb) along with the size, condition and any informatio­n to homeground@thesundaym­

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