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GLADSTONE A bit of rain and light winds over the past few days allowed plenty of angling to be done on the reefs, and with good weather set until Thursday expect more fish to be caught. Cod and trout dominated the catches from the more shallow grounds, along with red-throat sweetlip throughout the night. There have been a few reef sharks about the schools of fish as well. Masthead south and out into the deeper channels scored a few decent reds and nannygai, along with the odd mackerel. The rivers produced a catch of bream and flathead from the lower reaches and the flats and channels around the mouth of the Calliope held whiting and some salmon. Compleat Angler MARYBOROUG­H Winter whiting were caught in numbers from the banks opposite Torquay and further around towards Urangun. Yabbies scored most, with some fish landed measuring in the mid-20s. Bream and flathead were caught around the creek entrances south of Kingfisher and along the rock bars in the Burrum. There have been a few salmon and trevally at the entrance to the Mary, just upstream from Riverheads. Casting soft plastics and trolling hard-bodied lures have worked well. A few squire, sweetlip and tusk fish were caught around Woody Point, while the odd golden trevally was taken on fly along the inside of the island. Compleat Angler Maryboroug­h SUNSHINE COAST With the offshore scene a little on the rough side, anglers tended to opt for the river with some great results, starting at the Noosa River mouth. There has been plenty of quality bream being landed off the rocks at the river mouth and around at the dog beach. Most anglers have been using fresh strips of mullet, whole small hardy heads and live bloodworms. There have been a few quality flathead along dog beach, Fuze soft plastics have been working a treat on the flaties. The odd mangrove jack has been caught on livies, strip baits and soft plastics. Expect to find tailor and trevally around the mouth harassing the bait schools as they move into the river. On the other side of the river the Frying Pan has also seen good bream. This time of year you’ll often find some good tailor around the frying pan. Woods Bays and the Noosa Sound have had mixed schools of trevally including golden, diamond and big giant trevally. Early morning and late afternoon, Jackall Boil Triggers and River 2 Sea Bubble Pops have been producing some nice GTs, big eyes and big tailor. Micro jigs continue to be one of the standout lures for chasing trevally throughout the river and allow you to cover a lot of area and fish the entire water column. Soft plastics are another consistent producer, with a good mixture of baitfish and prawn imitations producing the goods. Take the time to rig your plastics nice and straight for best results. Up on the Ski Runs, the odd jewfish has been coming from the deeper holes. Large flatheadk, up to 80cm, have also been reported from the same area with soft plastics and live baits doing the job.

The Maroochy River has been on the improve, with good schools of trevally moving through the river chasing small mullet and herring. Tailor have also been found at the mouth of the river, chasing schools of frogmouth pilchards as they move into the river. Anglers have been casting slugs like the Halco Twisty and even using micro jigs such as the Colt Sniper in the larger sizes, with a fast retrieve these slugs imitate a fleeing bait fish.

Offshore, things were a little difficult last week with large swells, winds and squally rain. Most anglers decided to keep the boat on the trailer or head for the river. With the offshore conditions being a little trying, Sunday was the pick of the days for the weekend anglers headed towards Caloundra 12 Mile, the Gneerings and Murphys for good quality snapper, tusk fish jew and the odd coral trout. Microjigs have been very successful, with the new TT vector jigs and the Palm Slow Blats working extremely well. There have also been large schools of slimy mackerel, so make sure you have your bait jigs ready to go.

On the beaches, schools of tailor have been moving up the coast. It has been a bit hit and miss, but when anglers get on to a school they have been landing some quality fish. Good quality bream and dart have also been inhabiting the gutters. Davos Bait and Tackle Sunshine Coast MORETON BAY Margate Beach, Scarboroug­h’s beach and Clontarf foreshores have been good fishing for bread and butter fish of bream, whiting and flathead.

Hays Inlet, Cabbage Tree Creek, Pine River have also been fishing well for flathead, bream and whiting on worms and squid in hot spots such as Deep Water Bend to Lobby creek. Bramble Bay, Eventide and Ted Smout fishing platform has flathead, whiting, bream and at night around jetties find squid and mulloway. Pine River’s rocky outcrops and bridge structure are holding bream with soft plastics and small poppers on the run up-tide scoring well. Bob Bell Park area has flathead and bream on baits and artificial.

Brisbane River’s entrance beacons are holding chopper tailor near the surface, with squire, snapper and mulloway schooling near structure. Along the wharves, rock walls and rocky outcrops throughout the river you can find bream, threadfin salmon, squire and flathead on plastics and baits.

Mud Island’s northeaste­rn corner to northweste­rn corner is holding schools of pan-size squire with the odd line-burner among them. Harry’s Artificial Reef’s deep depression­s seem to be the holding grounds for snapper, while the wreck is holding mulloway, snapper and a mix of reef fish.

Whiting have been on the weed and sand flats through the bay. It is worth having a squid jig over the back while chasing the whiting and the flathead.

Try Peel Island, along the western reef ledge: bream, chopper tailor and squire on flesh baits and soft plastics. Larger snapper and mulloway out from West Peel Artificial Reef under schools of bait. The eastern side weed banks and Goat Island are holding squid. Shae-La-Bree Fishing Tours & Tutoring SOUTHPORT OFFSHORE There are plenty of amberjacks, sambos, kingies and snapper on the 50-fathom line using live bait, pilles and jigs. Heaps of trag jew on 24s and 18s and some big silver jew hanging around also. Best to use live baits for the larger jew, and pilchards for the trag.

There have been a few cobia on the local 18s and wrecks, however they have started to taper off as the whales have passed by.

Expect more to show up once the whales start to head south again over the next month or two. Trolling skirted lures on the 200 fathom line should see a large yellowfin or marlin landed. Sea Probe Charters GOLD COAST OFFSHORE Finally some huge snapper have arrived on our local reefs. Quality fish were caught this week along the 18 and 24-fathom reefs, with fish to just under 10kg being weighed at our store. Some of the techniques used to catch the snapper included using live baits (yellowtail and slimmies), and floatlinin­g WA pilchards. The best locations were on the 24fathom reefs from 2755 S / 15331 E down to 2800 S / 15331 E. Fish in the early morning or just on dark, and if you intend to stay after dark in the evening, expect to have a hook-up to a quality size jewfish up to 20kg as well, especially if you are using live baits. Further out on the 36s the fishing has also been good for snapper, especially around 2748 S /15336 E, again fish live baits or float line for the bigger fish. You may have to reverse up on to your lines to keep your light sinker and bait more vertical to the bottom, especially if you have a bit of westerly wind in your drift. This scenario gives your baits much more naturally to the fish that is about to smash it, rather then being dragged along under pressure in an unnatural manner. NORTHERN BROADWATER This last week has seen some awesome sized flathead caught all throughout the Jumpinpin region with fish up to 90cm caught and released and even bigger ones lost. I personally lost a few monsters during this week, and they are definitely starting to show up now among the many thousands of average to quality sized flathead out there at the moment. BROADWATER There is quality jewfish throughout the Seaway and the Broadwater, with best catches at night. Fishing the Seaway pipe has produced fish more than 22kg (50 lbs). Using live mullet, yellowtail and slimmies has been best bait. There have been big flathead caught throughout the Seaway, especially along the north wall casting soft plastics up close to the rocks on the high tide. Bream and the occasional snapper have been caught along the south wall of the Seaway drifting with WA pilchards for bait or using blades and small soft vibes. Some whiting up to 40cm have been caught up the Nerang River from Carrara straight down to the council chambers in the evenings. Best baits are live blood worms, beach worms, yabbies or preserved and cured red beach worms. Fishing this weekend’s tides for whiting is perfect in the evenings with high tide just after dark and th then fish the entire run-out ti tide until late into the night. F Flathead have been caught ca casting soft plastics. Along our be beaches the tailor fishing has re really ramped up this week w with the best captures coming fromfr the Sand Pumping Jetty on the spit and off the beach justju south of the Pumping Jetty.Je Best times have been fromfr 4.30pm till about8pm usingu WA pilchards for bait. SOUTHERNS GOLD COASTC Tailor have dominated the beaches this week, from Burleigh Heads, Tugan, and south to Brunswick Heads. Again the evening has produced the best catches, with and the odd jewfish among the tailor as well. Some quality bream have also been caught while fishing for the tailor and the odd whaler shark. Flathead have been caught from just inside the Tweed Walls up to Tumbulgum. Working soft plastics or drifting with WA pilchards has produced the best captures. If you are a land-based angler try around Boyds Bay bridge and off the jetties and rock walls for a feed of bream and the odd flathead. Offshore, the weather looks great at the start to this week and try in close for snapper early morning and out wide if you would like a feed of snapper, pearl perch and pigfish. It is definitely worth a jig out wide on the reefs for yellowtail kingfish and amberjack throughout the next month. Expect to see some big yellowfin tuna to 80ks out wide on the sea mountains. Try trolling skirted lures or casting stickbaits throughout this next month. Doug Burt’s Fishing and Tackle Store Labrador MAROON DAM Perfect conditions greeted anglers this week. Several had success working shallow diving suspending lures. Casting to the edge of the weed line and immediatel­y working short, sharp cranks followed by a pause proved irresistib­le to Australian bass. Bass were hitting the lures during the pause of the retrieve, as the lure slowly floated to the surface. It wasn’t uncommon to get strikes while the lure had been suspended for 20-40 seconds. Steve Wilkes Sports Tuition TWEED HEADS Red rock cod and small squire were caught in numbers at the local Mud Hole. Recreation­al anglers have been catching plenty of amberjacks, kingfish both yellowtail and black from the 32s and southern reefs east of Caba. The wider trap area in 28 01 and 28 02 GPS mark also held plenty of Ajs and kingies for the jiggers. Pearl perch and squire are in numbers further south around the 28 05 and 28 07 marks; also along the 50 fathom line. Reel Fishin’ Charters

 ??  ?? GOOD START: Hayden Stewart, 4, from Redcliffe caught his first fish with his dad at Yamba and (above right) Matt Webb with a solid coral trout he caught while fishing the reefs off Noosa Heads.
GOOD START: Hayden Stewart, 4, from Redcliffe caught his first fish with his dad at Yamba and (above right) Matt Webb with a solid coral trout he caught while fishing the reefs off Noosa Heads.
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