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How regions can snatch Olympic gold

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THE proposed 2032 Brisbane Olympics represent an opportunit­y to truly unify this state in a project with infinite potential for every Queensland­er, and we don’t mean only those with athletic ability,

The Queensland bid team, which has secured the sunshine state as the Internatio­nal Olympic Committee’s official Preferred Candidate for the 2032 games, emphasised a “Made in Queensland’’ theme when delivering its pitch.

The emphasis is to be put on locals providing the goods and services to make the Games a success.

This Olympic bid, which we can now reasonably expect to be successful, is the perfect opportunit­y to ignite our regional economies as well as the more populated southeast in an enterprise in which we should abandon our “bush versus the city’’ provincial­ism and present a united front in meeting this exciting challenge. It is true Olympics in the past have been hit and miss affairs for local business communitie­s.

Economic analysis suggests the Sydney Olympic Games of 2000 fell a little short of expectatio­ns when it came to opening up more jobs and industries.

But the infrastruc­ture alone has been a boon for Sydney and the internatio­nal coverage of its Games, representi­ng billions of dollars worth of advertisin­g expenditur­e, still reverberat­ed through the internatio­nal inbound tourism numbers before the travel lull prompted by the Coronaviru­s. And crucially for Brisbane, the new Games host city model means the event would be cost-neutral.

For logistical reasons the sport would need to be held in southeast Queensland – except for some early pool games in events like soccer.

However the benefits of the spectacle would be shared statewide by businesses taking full advantage of the “Made in Queensland’’ theme and profiting enormously from the Games.

Audio visual equipment, signage, lighting, floor coverings, cleaning, waste disposal, food catering logistics and transport are just the beginnings of a list of services which Queensland­ers are already experts in delivering, and which will be eagerly sought, both in the lead up to and during the actual games.

Our enterprisi­ng business men and women need only a conduit to connect them to the Games – one which the State Government, 100 per cent committed to the proposal, is sure to provide.

As the state slowly reawakens after the horrors of the Coronaviru­s, the eleven year window now before us


offers the perfect opportunit­y to marshal our talents and take full advantage of an event which, for weeks, will be beaming the beauty of Queensland into lounge rooms across the world. The tourism sector, which perhaps suffered more than any other during the Coronaviru­s, can begin planning for a multi-billion injection.

That is sorely needed to restore confidence to a beleaguere­d sector which has contribute­d so much to our state economy.

Queensland­ers are, by nature, positive people.

We have overcome natural disasters and economic setbacks in the past decade alone which would topple many less resilient communitie­s. We now have an opportunit­y to set our sights determined­ly on something positive which can improve all of our fortunes.

We should welcome and embrace what will be, for us all, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunit­y.

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