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25 years before the 1996 Firearms Agreement, and 25 years after:


10 killed

Sep 6, 1971, Hope Forest, SA: Clifford Cecil Bartholome­w, 40, kills his wife, seven children, sister-in-law and nephew on a dairy farm. He serves just 7½ years in jail.

Five killed

Sep 24, 1981, Campsie, NSW:

Fouad Daoud kills his wife and four of their kids in their home. Despite having a restrainin­g order against him, he was able to obtain a licence and firearms in the days before the massacre.

Five killed

Jun 1, 1984, Wahroonga, NSW:

John Brandon, 42, kills his wife and three children, goes to his mother’s unit and kills her, then himself. An inquiry was told he was unhappy his business was failing.

Five killed

Jun 9-13, 1987, Top End NT/WA:

German tourist Josef Thomas Schwab shoots dead five campers in thrill-kills spanning five days. He dies in a shootout with police.

Seven killed

Aug 9, 1987: Melbourne:

Failed army cadet Julian Knight, 19, takes three guns to Melbourne’s busy Hoddle St, and shoots at cars and passersby for 38 minutes. Seven people are killed and 19 injured. He remains in jail.

Five killed

Oct 10, 1987, Canley Vale, NSW:

John Tran is enraged when fiancee Lieu Huynh breaks up with him. He murders her and four family members before killing himself.

Eight killed Dec 8, 1987, Melbourne:

Frank Vitkovic, 22, goes on a rampage at Australia Post headquarte­rs in Melbourne, killing eight before jumping to his death from the 11th floor.

Five killed

Sep 29, 1988, Oenpelli, NT:

Dennis Rostron, 24, kills his wife, two baby sons and his wife’s parents on a remote station after his marriage breaks down. Caught and jailed, he is released on parole in 2019.

Five killed

Aug 30, 1990, Surry Hills, Sydney:

Paul Evers, a man with significan­t mental illness, kills five neighbours, including his halfsister. He is jailed, and paroled in 2019.

Six killed

Aug 17, 1991, Strathfiel­d, NSW:

Taxi driver Wade Frankum, 33, stabs a young woman to death then opens fire in a shopping mall cafe, killing five people and himself.

Six killed

Oct 27, 1992, Terrigal, NSW:

Malcolm Baker, 45, shoots his ex-partner five weeks after their breakup. He also kills her sister, her father, his adult son and two more people before surrenderi­ng.

Five killed

Mar 31, 1993, Cangai, NSW: Leonard Leabeater, Raymond Steele and Raymond Bassett go on a 10-day rampage in Queensland and NSW, killing five.

Six killed

Jan 25, 1996, Hillcrest, Qld: Peter May, 32, shoots his wife, their three children and his former parents-in-law.

35 killed

Apr 28, 1996, Port Arthur, Tasmania: Martin Bryant goes on a shooting spree at the penal colony tourist site before taking a hostage and barricadin­g himself in a bed-and-breakfast. He is serving life in Hobart’s Risdon Prison.


May 10, 1996: Australian police ministers sign off on the National Firearms Agreement.

Six killed

May 11, 2018, Margaret River, WA: Retired teacher Peter Miles, 61, kills his wife, daughter and four grandchild­ren on a farm.

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