The Sunday Mail (Queensland)


Problems with the National Firearms Agreement include:


■ No state or territory has ever been fully compliant.

■ The national firearms registry has never been establishe­d.

■ Jurisdicti­ons do not automatica­lly report to all other jurisdicti­ons when a firearms licence holder moves interstate, meaning guns can drop off the law enforcemen­t radar.

■ Bans on silencers have been overturned in several states including NSW and ACT.

■ The agreement says people must be 18 to get a firearms licence, but every state and territory allows children as young as 12 to shoot at a range. Queensland allows children to shoot under supervisio­n at the age of 11, and Western Australia has no lower age limit.

■ Large amounts of ammunition can be legally purchased for heavily restricted guns, indicating they are being shot illegally.

■ The agreement requires a 28-day cooling off period for purchase of guns after a permit to acquire is obtained from police. A number of states have dropped the 28-day period for second and subsequent guns, including Tasmania, WA, Victoria, South Australia and NSW.

■ The agreement says a firearm must be seized or licence refused or cancelled if the holder/applicant has been the subject of an apprehende­d violence order, domestic violence order, restrainin­g order or conviction for assault with a weapon/aggravated assault within the past five years. But many states allow an appeal for this.

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