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‘I was 20 and still scared of the dark’

Woman reveals life of fear years after sister’s gruesome murder


ALMOST three years since her sister’s gruesome murder, Deanna Beilby still drives with the doors locked and is “terrified to walk three metres from a car door”.

Her immense terror undiminish­ed in the years since the body of her adored younger sister “Riss” was found in a barrel in Stapylton in June 2018. “I did not use my bathroom toilet at night time for five months after my sister was killed because I was scared someone was on the other side of the window and would shoot me in the back of the head,” Ms Beilby revealed.

“I was years old began to scared of 20 and be the dark. I still and always will drive with my doors locked. Why? Because of one monster’s gruesome actions.” Larissa Beilby’s accused killer Zlatko Sikorsky was charged over her death, but he died in custody before ever facing trial.

Her death is currently being investigat­ed by the Deputy State Coroner.

While the family will never get their day in court to give a victim impact statement, Ms Beilby gave some insight into her ongoing trauma on social media. “One man was all it took for me to be absolutely f--ing terrified to walk three metres from a car door to my front door,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Two years, nine months and a new home and I still get scared if my front light isn’t on.”

Ms Beilby said for the first eight months after Larissa’s death, she kept her bedroom window closed to feel safe.

She shared her post with the hashtag #notallmenb­utenough to raise awareness about violence against women. “Four years ago my sister woke me up to bake cookies before school,” she wrote. “Today I’m trying to help justify to our nation from personal experience that it is not all men but it is enough men.

“One gutless, callous and sadistic murderer was all it took for me to be wary of all men.”

Sikorsky (pictured left) died in hospital after he was allegedly bashed by fellow prisoner Isaac James Martin at Wolston Correction­al

Centre on November 10. Martin was charged with unlawful striking causing the death and his matter is currently before the courts. A Coroner’s Court of Queensland spokeswoma­n said Larissa’s death was currently being investigat­ed.

“The Coroner’s Courts of Queensland can confirm that the death of Miss Larissa Beilby is currently under investigat­ion by the Deputy State Coroner,” the spokeswoma­n said.

“The Deputy State Coroner is currently considerin­g the investigat­ion material in order to finalise the matter.

“As this remains an open investigat­ion, further informatio­n cannot be provided at this stage.”

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 ??  ?? Deanna Beilby (left) tells of her torment and fear after the brutal murder of her sister Larissa.
Deanna Beilby (left) tells of her torment and fear after the brutal murder of her sister Larissa.

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