The Sunday Mail (Queensland)

With Tyrone Noonan


1. 1 Who was your teen t idol/ crush? Sade S Adu (or just Sade). S

2. 2 Who are your three ideal dinner guests? John Lennon, Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley

3. What’s your worst date experience? When you ask your date “What music do you like?” and they answer “Whatever’s on the radio” … (Actually that’s never really happened to me, thank God!)

4. What’s the movie that made you cry? The Colour Purple. I have the movie soundtrack on vinyl and still listen to occasional­ly.

5. Which song do you sing in the car? Highway Star by Deep Purple. Or Born To Be Wild by Steppenwol­f. Or Driving In My Car by Madness. Or In Your Car by The Dugites. Ah, it’s too hard to pick one! 6. What’s your favourite movie or TV series you never admit to loving? Charmed. Ah Phoebe (Alyssa Milano)! 7. What’s the most sentimenta­l thing you own? A rosecolour­ed vintage woollen blanket from my early childhood, passed on from my parents, which is older than me!

8. What was the last thing y you Googled?

A list of movies being p presented for the Alliance F Française French Film Festival in Brisbane. B

9. What’s your most embarrassi­ng e moment? Singing the National Anthem at Hyundai ALeague Grand Final at the Telstra Dome, Melbourne, in 2007. Having h heard horror stories of singers b being fed the wrong song into their in-ear monitors at similar events, I opted for old school floor-style foldback monitors for the gig. Which sounded great during soundcheck, but by the time of the actual gig with a full stadium, I couldn’t hear a thing and had to blindly guess where to start singing, and at what tempo, in a nationally televised live performanc­e.

10. What’s on your bucket list? Recreating Ernesto (Che) Guevara de la Serna’s journey through South

America as outlined in the movie

“The Motorcycle Diaries”.

ARIA Award-winning Brisbane band george, featuring singer songwriter­s Katie and Tyrone

Noonan, and bandmates Paulie B,

Geoff Green and Nick Stewart, will perform their double platinum debut album

Polyserena in its entirety with four shows at Brisbane

Powerhouse from May 6 to 8.

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 ??  ?? Brisbane musician Ty Noonan: Morgan Roberts Photograph­y
Brisbane musician Ty Noonan: Morgan Roberts Photograph­y
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