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Relaxing Miles away in Byron Bay is a bad look

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THE message has been crystal clear from Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk down: Queensland’s tourism industry is bleeding due to COVID-19 and the best way to help out is to spend your holiday dollars in the Sunshine State.

Which makes it bizarre and hypocritic­al that Deputy Premier Steven Miles headed straight to Byron Bay in NSW when he went on leave this weekend.

No one would for one second argue Mr Miles doesn’t deserve a break. As health minister during the pandemic last year he worked tirelessly for months. However, it’s a double standard for the government to plead with Queensland­ers to help out their local tourism operators, only for one of its two most senior leaders to do the exact opposite.

Queensland­ers are becoming very familiar with Mr Miles’s enjoyment of juvenile, university-style politics.

While some playing of politics may be grudgingly accepted, voters want leaders to behave like adults and hold genuine conviction­s.

It’s understood Mr Miles booked the holiday a year ago, but if you’re telling everyday Queensland­ers to holiday in their home state, dashing to Byron Bay is a bad look.

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